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Asphalt Speed Hump Construction

28 December, 2011

asphalt speed hump main 300x187 Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionTraffic calming measures have been in place in one form or another since the 70’s, and one of the traditional forms is the asphalt speed hump.

The asphalt speed hump, sometimes made of concrete and called a speed ramp, speed table or speed bump, is one of the original forms of traffic calming devices, however in this day and age this relic from the past is more expensive and time consuming to produce than safer alternatives.

The asphalt speed hump does what is intended, slows traffic and prevents speeding drivers, however it does so in an uneconomical, time consuming and inconvenient way.


How are asphalt speed humps made?

Below are a set of photos showing the construction process of a typical asphalt speed hump.

asphalt speed hump construction 5 Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionThe first step to constructing an asphalt speed hump is to close the road and to bring the materials needed. In this case the materials have been brought in 2 large trucks. Both of which requires a crew of 4 workmen to operate!

Once the tar and asphalt is at the correct location, a layer of tar needs to be spread across the road and heated. This tar will bond the road and the new asphalt together.

asphalt speed hump tar Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionAs you can see this is a highly skilled and somewhat dangerous job, not to mention the environmental effects the gas and tar have on the local neighborhood.

asphalt speed cushion construction Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionOnce the tar is heated it is ready for the asphalt to be applied, which means literally dumping tons of fresh tar and asphalt on to the roads surface!

asphalt speed cushion construction 6 Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionThe asphalt is then spread as evenly as possible by workmen using rakes.

After the asphalt is in place a small steam roller is then needed to compress and flatten the tarmac. Up till this point 9 skilled workmen have been hard at work for the majority of the day, using at least 3 heavy duty pieces of machinary!

asphalt speed cushion construction 2 Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionThe shape of the speed hump has now been finished and the workmen can pack up and go, however the road must stay closed to prevent cars from destroying the freshly laid asphalt.

In this next picture you can see that some time has passed and that the hump is now firm enough for the road to be reopened as cars have parked on it.

asphalt speed hump construction 4 Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionAn additional team of workmen have now arrived to attach the reflective tape to the speed hump so it can be seen at night.

What this means is that this hump has been put in use, without any warning or reflective tape applied! An extremely dangerous practice, especially if a driver hit the hump at speed at night!

asphalt speed hump construction 3 Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionFinally the reflective tape has been heated and applied to the asphalt.

It’s not unreasonable to assume it has taken anywhere from a few days to a week for this asphalt speed hump to be completely finished.


Disadvantages of an asphalt speed hump

  • Extremely time consuming.
  • Inconvenient for road users and residence.
  • Necessary to use heavy machinery in the construction.
  • Expensive.
  • Requires upwards of 10 workmen to complete.
  • Impossible to remove and relocate.
  • Easily damaged by snow plows and heavy vehicles.
  • Requires expensive maintenance.


Rubber speed humps and speed cushions

In contrast a rubber speed cushion, also known as a speed hump is very fast, simple and safe to install.

Once your location has been selected all that is needed to do is layout the pieces of speed cushion, there are normally 6 parts which can easily be carried by two people, and holes drilled in to the road.

speed cushions 11 Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionDrilling the holes in the correct position is simple as the speed cushion can be uses as a template.

Once the anchors are in the road and the speed cushion pieces are securely bolted to them, the rubber speed cushion is ready for use!

No additional work is required as all reflective tape and cat’s eyes are factory fitted!

A rubber speed cushion can be completely installed and safe for heavy traffic use within  a few hours!


Advantages of rubber speed humps and cushions

  • Fast to install.
  • No large machinery is needed.
  • 2 workmen can easily install them.
  • Ready for use within hours.
  • Reflective safety tape and cats eyes are pre-installed.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Easy to remove and relocate.
  • Will absorb shock and easily handles large heavy vehicles.


Sino Concept your rubber speed cushion manufacturer

speed cushion UK 2 Asphalt Speed Hump ConstructionSino Concept are your French owned and operated manufacturer of rubber speed cushions based in China.

For more information about our rubber speed cushions please visit our rubber speed cushion FAQ page here, and our speed cushion product page here.
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