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Traffic Calming Australia

16 January, 2012

traffic calming australia 300x187 Traffic Calming AustraliaTraffic calming comes in many shapes, forms and even devices. Keep reading to find out some of the more common forms of traffic calming measures.

Speed Humps

speed humps traffic calming 300x187 Traffic Calming Australia

Speed humps are usually constructed of concrete or asphalt and are designed to force drivers to slow down.


Speed Tables

Like speed humps, speed tables are normally constructed over concrete and asphalt, but these tables are much larger and force all vehicles to slow down.


Speed Cushions

Emergency vehicles won’t slowed by speed cushions 1 300x187 Traffic Calming AustraliaSpeed cushions are made of rubber and are much easy to transport and install than speed humps or tables. Speed cushion are also more cost effective, safer and reusable.


Raised Crosswalks

Raised crosswalks are Speed Tables outfitted with crosswalk markings and signage to channelize pedestrian crossings, providing pedestrians with a level street crossing. Also, by raising the level of the crossing, pedestrians are more visible to approaching motorists.


Raised Intersections

Raised intersections are flat raised areas covering an entire intersection, with ramps on all approaches and often with brick or other textured materials on the flat section.


Textured Pavement

Textured and colored pavement includes the use of stamped pavement or alternate paving materials to create an uneven surface for vehicles to traverse.


Traffic Circles

rubber roundabout traffic calming 300x193 Traffic Calming AustraliaTraffic circles are raised islands, placed in intersections, around which traffic circulates. They are good for calming intersections, especially within neighborhoods, where large vehicle traffic is not a major concern but speeds, volumes, and safety are problems.



Chicanes are curb extensions that alternate from one side of the street to the other, forming S-shaped curves. Chicanes can also be created by alternating on-street parking, either diagonal or parallel, between one side of the street and the other.


Sino Concept Your Traffic Calming Specialistcomplete rubber roundabout main 300x187 Traffic Calming Australia

Sino Concept are your French owned and operated manufacturing specialists of rubber traffic calming products.

For more information about our range of traffic calming products visit our traffic calming product pages here.