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10 Places and reasons manhole barriers should be used!

21 February, 2012

manhole title image 300x187 10 Places and reasons manhole barriers should be used!Manhole covers, also known as drain covers are designed to allow access for maintenance and repair, however when these large safety covers are removed a very real and dangerous hazard is unleashed!

Manhole and drain covers have one specific duty and that is to keep you from falling from the road or path down a dangerous shaft in to the drains below.

There are times, however that manhole covers are not present, perhaps during scheduled work, or perhaps even if they are removed and stolen!

Regardless for the reason, if a manhole cover is removed the large, dangerous hole left behind should be highlighted to prevent accidents from happening.

open manhole danger 300x259 10 Places and reasons manhole barriers should be used!An unprotected manhole can cause real havoc on a busy street, and even in quieter locations such as the countryside! Vehicles, pedestrians and animals are all at danger when a drain whole is left exposed!

Take a look at our gallery below to see 10 reasons why you should use correct manhole and drain hole protection!


Sino Concept’s Expanding Manhole Barriers

Sino Concept have developed the ultimate manhole barrier which is lightweight, fast to deploy and easily visible!

Out expanding manhole barrier is designed to be set up in a matter of seconds, quickly and effectively securing a potential threat and protecting people, vehicles and animals from certain harm.

expanding barriers 10 Places and reasons manhole barriers should be used!We also manufacture regular expanding barriers which can be used to quickly cordon off hallways, work areas, and other potential hazards.

Both our expanding barrier models are manufactured from high quality steel, long lasting steel rivets and protective powder coated finish.

expanding barrier1 300x300 10 Places and reasons manhole barriers should be used!For more details about our range of expanding barriers visit our product pages here, and don’t forget to contact us via our contact form here to request a quotation.