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Safe bike parking spaces

28 February, 2012

Einzelparker 300x187 Safe bike parking spacesDue to the increased use of bicycles as a transportation method, businesses, restaurants and commerce venues alike are experiencing an increased need for secure bicycle parking racks.


As a result of this increased demand Sino Concept has greatly increased its product line of available bike racks in order to provide customers with alternatives that cater to each of their specific needs.


Increasing need of safe bike parking spaces

The number one factor of concern for people who have chosen bicycles as their main transportation method is the availability of safe bike racks.

Likewise, companies, restaurants and business owners who have realized this and who have chosen to implement bicycle parking racks in their locales, are choosing to do so with bicycle racks that are not only safe and secure, but also aestheticly pleasing.

u förmiger Anlehnbügel rot Safe bike parking spaces

They also help reduce both traffic and the contamination that it generates by incentivizing people to use bicycles instead of motorized vehicles.


Sino Concept- Commercial bike rack manufacturer

Sino Concept provides several bike rack options that can fit any space requirement and safety or architectural need. Fahrradständer Übersicht 560x3501 300x187 Safe bike parking spaces

Our bicycle parking racks are made to last thanks to their top-quality manufacturing technique.

Ever considered implementing a bike parking position for your business?

With so many models and styles available, there has never been a more ideal time to do it than now, especially considering how bike parking racks can have such a positive impact for businesses looking to provide access for their customers and help the environment.

 multi space bicycle rack 300x300 Safe bike parking spaces

Bespoke Products

As well as the commercial bicycle rack designs, we also offer a bespoke, custom manufacturing service, to design and manufacture bicycle parking solutions to meet your requirements.

We make your bike rack imagination become true.

Contact us for more information.