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Vernon Council started to price speed bumps

29 February, 2012

Bodenschwelle4 300x187 Vernon Council started to price speed bumpsResidents along Church Street in Vernon, Washington County, may soon be getting some help from the city in curbing speeding vehicles.


Council made a decision

City Council members  in Vernon, Washington County decided to begin pricing removable speed bumps to place on Church Street to slow down traffic on the street, which is posted at 15 mph.

“I would bet some of those cars are coming through there at 45 mph,” said Moses Hernandez, a longtime Washington County resident who lives on Church Street.

Hernandez told the council that he had a puppy ger run over a couple weeks back by a vehicle that was traveling down the street faster than the posted speed.

“I checked with the neighbors, and we have about 10 children living on that street,” Hernandez said. “One woman who has six children has said she would love to see speed bumps on the road.

She worries about the kids who are waiting for school buses.”

 rubber speed bumps Vernon Council started to price speed bumps

Need for traffic calming solutions

Hernandez said he has also contacted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office about the problem, but was also wanting to bring the situation to the council’s attention.

“I think we have always had trouble with that road, I think we should go ahead and get some signs and speed bumps out there,” said Councilman Joey Brock said.

Council  Member Byron Biddle agreed. “We need some ‘Slow, Children At Play’ signs out there.”

Councilman Tray Hawkins said the city should research the price of speed bumps for the street.

 Slow Children at Play Sign 300x187 Vernon Council started to price speed bumps

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