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10 Reasons To Take Up Cycling

12 March, 2012

biking benefits1 300x187 10 Reasons To Take Up CyclingIf you don’t have any interest in biking yet, hopefully this article convinces you to take up cycling.


10 Reasons To Take Up Cycling


1. It’s Fun

The most important fact is, that cycling is good fun.

The bike has repeatedly been voted the most popular invention of the past 200 years. Cycling is simply great fun.


2. Faster Travelling

A bike can offer the quickest method of transport.

For example, in London average speeds on roads amounts to a paltry 9mph (this is actually lower than 100 years ago!).

Even a moderately fit cyclist will have no trouble in beating cars, buses and the underground.

cyclist 300x187 10 Reasons To Take Up Cycling

3. Saves Money

A good bike costs £200; a reasonable car will cost £5,000.

With oil prices rising through the roof, cycling can also save significantly on petrol costs.

The majority of car journeys are for distances less than 5 miles. These distances are easily cycleable.

Geldeinsparungen nötig 300x187 10 Reasons To Take Up Cycling

5. Freedom

Cycling gives a sense of freedom that sitting in a car can never give.

Cycling also gives greater freedom about where to go. Many towns are encouraging pedestrian only areas.

With a bike you can go down narrow lanes, on canal paths and often cut corners that you cannot do in a car.


4. Lose Weight

Cycling is a low impact aerobic exercise and is an excellent way of losing weight.

It is also a lot cheaper than gaining membership to the gym.


cycling keeps you fit 300x225 10 Reasons To Take Up Cycling

6. Health Benefits

Cycling is good for the heart and can help reduce incidence of heart disease, one of the biggest killers amongst developed countries.


7. Relieve Stress

If you work in an office or have a stressful job, exercise such as cycling can be a powerful way to help reduce stress and take your mind off many problems.

But, also vigorous exercise is an effective way to take your mind off trifling problems.

more cyclists these days 300x224 10 Reasons To Take Up Cycling8. It’s Egalitarian

Everyone cycles, it is the great social leveller.

Rich or poor, old person or little kid, everyone can enjoy cycling.


9. Reduce Global Warming

Cycling creates no pollution or Carbon dioxide emission.

It provides a powerful way to help make a meaningful contribution to reducing pollution and preventing future global warming.


10. Less Accidents

Unlike Cars, bikes are not lethal machines. In the UK, over 3,000 people a year die on the roads due to car accidents.

An accident involving bikes may cause injury, but very rarely will a bike be the cause of a fatal accident.

Fahrradständer Übersicht 300x249 10 Reasons To Take Up Cycling

Have a break

If we convinced you now to always ride your bike where ever you go, you also have to think about where to park your bike.

To make sure your bicycle is safe at all times, use the bike racks of Sino Concept.

Our current product range includes ‘U’ Bike Racks, Sheffield Bike Racks, Reinforced Commercial Bike Racks, Multi- Space Bike Racks, 30cm Commercial Bike Racks and 47cm Commercial Bike Racks.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you’d like more information.