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Will Apple’s new iPad HD draw in the crowds?

7 March, 2012

sino concpet ipad hd 300x187 Will Apple’s new iPad HD draw in the crowds?Everyone is now trying to guess at what Apple are planning for their new tablet. Will it be the iPad 3, or the iPad HD? We don’t know, but there is one thing we can be sure of!

Later today Apple will be unveiling there latest tablet, which may well be the iPad HD.

As with every Apple product there has been huge speculation as to what the new touch screen device will look like and what functions it will have.

ipad hd launch event 272x300 Will Apple’s new iPad HD draw in the crowds?Will the new iPad have an improved Retina display, better battery, faster CPU, more RAM and a new design? Or will the new Apple tablet be more of a subtle update, much like the iPhone 4S was over the iPhone 4?
Whatever the results of today’s iPad Keynote at the Yerba Buena Center for the arts in San Francisco we can be sure of one thing, and that’s the huge amount of attention the new hand held gadget will receive.


When will the iPad HD Be Available?

crowds gather outside apple stores london ahead ipad 2 launch 635331 copy 300x221 Will Apple’s new iPad HD draw in the crowds?Sources close to Apple believe the iPad HD will be available in stores from 16th March, and if this launch follows on from previous iPhone and iPad launches, we can expect crowds of hundreds if not thousands of Apple fans waiting to get their hands on the latest tablet!


Keeping Crowds Safe

ipad sales draw crowds 300x187 Will Apple’s new iPad HD draw in the crowds?While most Apple launches and events take place with little to no trouble authorities tend to go by the rule of “better safe than sorry” and so are likely to add extra security measures outside Apple stores to better protect people and property.

One of the most effective ways to protect crowds at these types of events are hot dip galvanised crowd barriers!

Crowd barriers offer much of the same protection, demarcation and pedestrian flow benefits as fixed pedestrian guardrails, but with the added advantage that they are totally portable and fast to set up on site.

main image for English site 300x300 Will Apple’s new iPad HD draw in the crowds?Crowd barriers, such as those manufactured by Sino Concept in China, are made from heavy-duty steel tube, with protective ‘in-fill bars’ welded securely in the center. 4 large legs or feet allow crowd barriers and barricades to be installed either on flat ground or even on staircases!

Easy to use built in connections keep the barriers securely fastened together and prevent the ‘line of defence’ from being opened or breached.

25m Hamburger Gitter 300x186 Will Apple’s new iPad HD draw in the crowds?As Sino Concept’s crowd control barriers are designed to be used in all weathers and conditions, we finish out barriers with a hard wearing, corrosive resistant hot dip galvanised finished which will prevent premature rust from forming in wet conditions.


Sino Concept Crowd Control Specialists

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturing specialist of crowd control barriers based in China.

Our range of crowd barriers currently covers:

For more information about our crowd safety barriers and barricades please feel free to contact us now via our contact form here.