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Benefits of road reflectors

23 March, 2012

2way reflectors 300x187 Benefits of road reflectors

Reflectors are a common feature on our roadways, but just what are the advantages of road reflectors?

Road reflectors have long been used to improve visibility and safety on roads, and can help motorists to avoid accidents at night time and also during poor weather.

road reflectors Benefits of road reflectors

Six Benefits of road reflectors:

  1. Increased visibility of obstacles. Reflectors to me highly reflective in the poorest of light conditions.
  2. Reduce accidents. Reflectors help to warn motorists of hazards and possible dangers, reducing the chances of road accidents.
  3. Can be used anywhere. Reflectors are highly versatile and so can be used on guard rails, sign posts and elsewhere.
  4. Durable. Reflectors are made of highly durable materials which help prolong life and prevent damage against accidents and vandalism.
  5. High quality materials increases reflector lifespan.
  6. Dual sided road reflectors protect drivers on both sides of the road.

reflectors sino concept Benefits of road reflectors

Sino Concept Manufacturing Specialists of Road Reflectors

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturing specialist of road traffic safety products and reflectors.

Feel free to visit are road traffic safety product pages, or contact us for more information.