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Sino Concept Street Furniture Manufacturer.

Sino Concept is an industry leading French manufacturer of street furniture and bespoke products based in China. We specialize in manufacturing street furniture as seen here on our website and custom designs based on your specifications. Follow the links below for more information. Follow us to get the last news about urban furniture :

Ramp Manufacturer

27 March, 2012

steel ramp manufacturer 300x187 Ramp ManufacturerLike all of the world’s best and oldest ideas, the common ramp performs such a fantastic job that any of us hardly notice them anymore. Here are some uses of it.

A ramps is a sloped surface usually used to aid movement from one level to either a higher or lower level.

Common materials for its construction can be wood, WPC, and steel.

Although the general use of it doesn’t change all that much, the varied fields in which we find them is extremely surprising!

Some uses of ramps include:

  • ATV Loading.
  • Motorcycle loading.
  • Pet.
  • Wheelchair.
  • Handicap.
  • Access.
  • Boat.
  • Snowmobile.
  • Commercial loading.
  • Truck.
  • Portable delivery.
  • Mini ramps.

We can even use ramps for fun!

steel skate ramps 300x225 Ramp Manufacturer

Bespoke ramps

Ramps of different uses need to be specially designed and manufactured to suit their use. For example handicap ramps for use by those in wheelchairs or with a disability should feature a handrail and non-slip surface.

wheelchair ramp manufacturer Ramp ManufacturerRamps for use in commercial situations should be made of extremely strong steel and feature a hot dip galvanized finish to prevent corroding.

atv loading ramp manufacturer 288x300 Ramp ManufacturerA portable ramp, one for use to aid pets to get in the back of a car or to for a delivery truck, needs to be made of lighter weight material and possibly be extendable.


Sino Concept Bespoke Products

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer of bespoke steel products ranging from bollards and guard railings to anything that you can imagine including ramps!

steel loading ramp manufacturer Ramp ManufacturerIf you have a product which you would like to have manufactured by a professional team based in China please feel free to contact us now with your needs.