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Bicycle facilities

1 March, 2012

Bike Lane Bicycle facilitiesAs there is an increasing number of cyclists, more and more bicycle facilities are created. Cyclists should be aware of the various kinds of facilities out there.


There are many factors to consider when determining what type of facility to build in a specific location: the amount of space available, the amount of traffic, the type of traffic (such as transit),  the type of street (such as arterial or residential) and the intended type of cyclists.


Overview of the various types of Bicycle facilities:


Multi-Use Trail (aka Shared-Use Path)

It’s a wide, usually paved path completely separated from motor vehicles.

They’re often built on former railroad corridors, so they have a gentle slope.


Bike Lane

A four to five foot wide lane on the road separated from other traffic by a white line and marked by a cyclist symbol.  These are commonly found on arterials.


Buffered Bike Lan

A bike lane further separated from the other traffic by a painted buffer on the road.

buffered bike lane Bicycle facilities

Cycle Track

A bike lane physically separated from other traffic by a curb, different paving materials and/or a lane of parked cars.

A cycle track will be built in along with the First Hill Streetcar.


Sharrows (share the road symbols)

Where the road is too narrow to carve out bike lanes, it is better to install sharrows.

These are symbols with a chevron (upside-down V’s) and a cyclist.

Sharrows send the message to drivers that they should expect bicyclists to be sharing this road with them.

They also help bicyclists positions themselves in the roadway.

sharrow Bicycle facilities

Climbing Lane/ Sharrow Combo

Where space is too tight for bike lanes in both directions, you can often find a bike lane on the uphill side of the road (where bicycles are much slower than other traffic) and sharrows on the downhill side (where cyclists’ speed is more comparable to other traffic.)


Bus/Bike Only Roadways and Lanes

Bus/ Bike only roadways and lanes are transit-only lanes which also allow bicyclists.

These provide a space to bike free of cars and trucks.

Bikes only lane 200x300 Bicycle facilities

Bike Route / Connector

A bike route is a route suggested for bicycles to get from one point to another, which could include any combination of bicycle facilities.

They are on bike maps and increasingly marked with on-street signs to guide you along the way.


Any City Street or Sidewalk

Bicycles are vehicles, and they are allowed on any city street.

If you’re new to biking, you’ll probably want to start on quiet side streets and on bike facilities.

Use your good judgment.

Bicycles are also legal on sidewalks, but be sure to yield to pedestrians.


Take a break

After exploring all the different bicycle facilities, you should take break.

Best way to  ensure your bike doesn’t have to lay on the ground or against a wall, you should better use one of the bike racks of Sino Concept.

Multifahrradparker Bicycle facilities

Sino Concepts bicycle parking solutions are safe, secure and attractive.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.