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Bollards Bring Peace To Local Community

16 March, 2012

mcdonalds bollards 300x187 Bollards Bring Peace To Local CommunityBollards are being installed at local fast food restaurant in the UK to help improve the quality of life for neighboring home, but how?

A McDonald’s restaurant in the UK has agreed to install bollards next to their premises, but not to protect property but rather restore public peace.

Local residents close to the fast food chain have complained to local companies due to the loud music and anti social behavior coming from drivers using the McDonalds car park.

parking bollards 300x252 Bollards Bring Peace To Local CommunityMcDonalds have placed signs in the area asking customers to respect their neighbors, but are having to resort to installing bollards to prevent cars from parking to close to residents homes.


Bollard Uses

Bollards are a very versatile and useful street furniture item and can be used in the following applications:

  • Anti ram protection.
  • Property protection.
  • Prevent parking.
  • Traffic calming.
  • Demarcation.
  • Restoring public peace.


Sino Concept Bollard Manufacturers

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturer of steel bollards based in China. Our factories specialize in producing attractive and strong bollards for any and all applications.

Übersicht Poller und Pfosten 560x350 300x187 Bollards Bring Peace To Local CommunityFor more details about our bollards please visit our product pages here. Also don’t forget you can quickly and easily contact us now via our contact form.