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Where to buy bollards?

5 March, 2012

Übersicht Poller und Pfosten 560x350 300x187 Where to buy bollards?Sino Concept presents a huge range of high quality bollards for commercial and industrial premises.


Bollards are typically used to control vehicle access temporarily or permanently, and can protect the property from ram raids.

Economical to maintain and repair,  they do not require electricity to operate and are available in a variety of finishes including powder coating and stainless steel.

Sino Concept can design and supply it for warehouses, industrial premises, car yards or retail stores.
Blindenkonformer Kugelpoller nah Where to buy bollards?

Types of bollards

Made from heavy steel for extra strength, fixed ones are mounted directly into a concrete base and offer a permanent solution to areas where access is not allowed.

Used as a temporary access control solution, removable bollards are attached to a steel sleeve, which is fixed into place using an epoxy resin.

They can be removed when required and are often used to protect roller doors or shop fronts.

Flexible ones are suitable for use in driveways and car parks as they fold flat enough for vehicle clearance.

These ones can be locked into a flat or upright position as required.
Absperrpfosten grün oben2 Where to buy bollards?

Manufacturer of bollards

There are quite many manufacturers where you can purchase bollards, but the best supplier is still Sino Concept.

Bollards are available in options such as security bollards, ornamental bollards or disability compliant bollard to suit specific requirements.

Please feel free to contact us.