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5 Places You Will Find Event Barriers This Year

29 March, 2012

sino concept barriers tour de france 300x187 5 Places You Will Find Event Barriers This YearEvent barriers, also known as crowd control barriers, are easy to use, convenient, hot dip galvanized safety measures for all types of events. Here are 5 events you are likely to see Sino Concept’s event barriers this year.

2012 Tour De France

In 2011, Sino Concept became the proud supplier of event barriers to the 2011 Tour De France.

Our hot dip galvanized steel crowd event barriers were chosen thanks to our high quality, low price and extremely fast turn around time!

Sino Concepts hot dipped galvanized pedestrian  300x225 5 Places You Will Find Event Barriers This YearCertain stages of the 2012 Tour de France are likely to use our crowd control barriers again, thanks to our superior quality and durability.


Music Festivals

As the weather gets better, and the sun stays out for longer, more and more music events will be held in locations all across the world.

music festival event barriers 300x193 5 Places You Will Find Event Barriers This YearLarge music festivals are often held in huge fields with little to no on site facilities.

Our fast to install crowd safety barriers ensure these areas can be made safe and secure in no time at all.

Motor Racing Events

Motor racing is a highly popular, but very dangerous spectator sport which requires the maximum level of crowd safety and protection.

Again, Sino Concept event barriers are more than up to the job of creating a safe environment.

d1 drift event barriers 300x225 5 Places You Will Find Event Barriers This YearAlso, thanks to the various sizes of crowd safety barriers we manufacture at our factories in China, any size, or shape circuit/track can be effectively secured.


2012 London Olympics

The 2012 Olympics in London is sure to attract tens of thousands of spectators from over the world, and with these crowds comes added security risks.

Crowd and event barriers will be used in various locations throughout London and the Olympic village.

2012 london olympics 300x191 5 Places You Will Find Event Barriers This YearCrowds and event barriers will be seen where pedestrians queue for entrance, along marathon and tracks, keeping cyclists safe for over zealous crowds, and to barricade roads to restrict access.


2012 Qingdao Beer Festival

Held in Sino Concept’s base city of Qingdao China, the Qingdao beer festival attracts visitors from all over China and the world.

qingdao beer festival event 300x225 5 Places You Will Find Event Barriers This YearDuring the Beer Festival hosted by Qingdao brewery Tsingtao, event barriers will be used near to beaches, along roads and during activities, to keep everyone safe during the festivities.


Sino Concept Event Barrier Manufacturer

Sino Concept is a world leader in manufacturing hot dip galvanized steel event and crowd barriers.

number 2 picture in Gallery 300x225 5 Places You Will Find Event Barriers This YearOut 2 factories specialize in the manufacture of steel event barriers which can be specially customized to suit your event. Specify your own height, width, finish and even laser cut logo!

For more information about our event barriers and manufacturing services feel free to contact us now via our contact form here.