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How to make a compost bin?

17 March, 2012

eigener Komposter 300x187 How to make a compost bin?Compost is nothing more than decomposed plant material, so you don’t need a fancy bin to make your own compost.


You can create compost in a heap on the ground, but most gardeners think that containing your compost pile makes it look tidier.

It’s very easy to make compost in a recycled garbage can. Just follow these instructions!



  • Punch holes in a garbage can. The microbes that actually do the composting need oxygen to do their work.

worm farm 1 300x225 How to make a compost bin?

  • Chop plant debris into small pieces and place them inside the garbage can. Ideally, you should use 50 percent green material and 50 percent dry, but you can use shredded newspaper for the dry material if necessary.  You don’t need to fill the can all at one time – just put in the plant material you have on hand.
  • Spray water over the chopped plant material inside the can, until the material is damp but not soggy.
  • Put the lid on the can.
  • Place the filled garbage can on bricks or several 2-by-4-inch pieces of lumber to keep the can off the ground and prevent it from rusting.
  • Turn the can as often as daily, or at least once a week. Lay the can on its side and roll it around to mix the plant material inside.

compost rolling demonstration 300x225 How to make a compost bin?

  • Add more plant material at any time.
  • Keep the compost about as moist as a wrung-out sponge by spraying it with water when the plant material begins to feel dry.
  • Harvest your compost after one month. Use a wire screen or piece of chicken wire to strain out the unfinished compost.

self contained compost bin large How to make a compost bin?

Sino Concept

Sino Concept is a french owned and operated manufacturer of street furniture, based in China.

Our range includes nice looking litter bins with long lasting durable steel construction.

corbeille tulipe 5 300x225 How to make a compost bin?

An internal 50L (13 gallon) galvanized steel liner offers more than adequate room for litter.

Please contact us for further information.