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Sino Concept is an industry leading French manufacturer of street furniture and bespoke products based in China. We specialize in manufacturing street furniture as seen here on our website and custom designs based on your specifications. Follow the links below for more information. Follow us to get the last news about urban furniture :

Outdoor Cigarette Receptacles

7 March, 2012

outdoor cigarette receptacles sino concept 300x187 Outdoor Cigarette Receptacles

No matter if you are a smoker or non-smoker all of us can agree that discarded cigarette butts are an unsightly menace on our streets. But what can we do to combat them?

The number of people smoking around the world is decreasing, however there are still millions of smokers! More than enough to keep the multi-billion dollar cigarette industry alive and well.

Now with all of these smokers on our streets you would be correct in thinking that towns and local authorities had made steps to decrease the number of discarded cigarette butts hitting our streets however many are not!

Old, thrown to the ground cigarette ends are one of the most common forms of littering, yet it is a simple problem to fix!

outdoor cigarette receptacles Outdoor Cigarette ReceptaclesSimply installing outdoor cigarette receptacles such as ashtrays, litter bins with ashtrays or having cigarette receptacles built in to existing street furniture such as bollards, railing and benches could also be enough.

Most outdoor cigarette receptacles are designed in such a way that they can be easily attached to numerous surfaces.

Wall mounted outdoor cigarette receptacles can also be easily attached to railing, or fastened to bollards!


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