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Singing Road

14 March, 2012

Singende Straßen 300x187 Singing RoadA musical road is a road, which when driven over causes a tactile vibration and audible rumbling transmitted through the wheels into the car body in the form of a musical tune.



The first known musical road, the Asphaltophone, was created in October 1995 in Gylling, Østjylland, Denmark, bytwo Danish artists.

The Asphaltophone is made from a series of raised pavement markers, spaced out at intermittent intervals so that as a vehicle drives over the markers, the vibrations caused by the wheels can be heard inside the car.


Melody Roads in Asia

In Japan, a man accidentally scraped some markings into a road with a bulldozer and drove over them, and realised that it was possible to create tunes depending on the depth and spacing of the grooves.

In 2007, the Hokkaido National Industrial Research Institute  used the same concept of cutting grooves into the concrete.

Another singing road can be find in Anyang, South Korea.

Unlike the Japanese roads, however, which were designed to attract tourists, the Singing Road is intended to help motorists stay alert and awake – 68% of traffic accidents in South Korea are due to inattentive, sleeping or speeding drivers.



Civic Musical Road

The Civic Musical Road was built in Lancaster, California on 5 September 2008.

The Musical Road used grooves cut into the asphalt to replicate part of the Finale of the William Tell Overture when driving not faster than the maximum of 70km/h.

It was paved over on 23 September after nearby residents complained to the city council about noise levels.

Musical Road1 Singing RoadOther Traffic calming solutions

Singing roads ensure on the one hand that people don’t drive faster than maximum speed but on the other hand they can be very noisy for people who live nearby.

Therefore other traffic calming measures should be considered as an alternative solution as well.

Sino Concept is a french owned and operated manufacturer for street furniture, specialized in traffic calming products.

Our range includes speed cushions as well as speed bumps.

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