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Breasts are “too perky”

21 March, 2012

gender mainstreaming1 300x187 Breasts are too perky

Signs featuring a woman with “perky” breasts and a short skirt are set to be removed from the streets of Uppsala in eastern Sweden following a mix up that has left local officials baffled.

Mixed up the design

The signs, which depict a silhouetted woman crossing the road, were from a batch of images outsourced by independent designers that were rejected by the Swedish Transport Administration for running afoul of the agency’s policies.

The woman on the sign, known as ‘Mrs. Walkman‘, is a gender-sensitive version of her male counterpart.

Verkehrsschilder 560x373 06fb5fa76d7328f2 300x199 Breasts are too perkyThe signs erected in Uppsala, however, show a seemingly younger and bustier woman, with a shorter skirt and a somewhat sprightlier step compared with the design that was eventually approved.

“Somehow, a rejected variant of the accepted prototype from several years ago was produced and erected on the streets of Uppsala,” Tina Hallin of the Uppsala municipality told The Local.



The ‘Fru Gårman’ signs featuring the rejected design have now been taken down around Uppsala, even though there have been no official complaints from the residents.

“Individually, one may think it’s rather dashing, but of course we follow the regulations and will replace it with the original design,” said Christer Åkerlund of the traffic department in Uppsala municipality said to UNT.

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