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Sydney’s Centennial Park becomes family friendly

4 April, 2012

Centennial park by Phil Quirk 300x187 Sydneys Centennial Park becomes family friendlyCentennial Park is planning to install speed humps and pedestrian crossings to slow down bike riders and make it safer for parents to unload children from cars.


Cycle- friendly speed bumps

A concept plan released last week says two ”cycle-friendly” speed humpswill be installed within months at the bottom of a gentle hill on Grand Drive, the one-way 3.8 kilometre road which circles the park and has been used as a training track by cycling groups for more than 80 years.

Along with the speed humps and two crossings, the park plans a 20 kilometre per hour speed limit to slow riders and cars on a stretch of road adjacent to a small learn-to-ride bike track used mainly for children.
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High accident quota

With more than 11 million visitors a year, Centennial Park is already one of the most heavily used parks in Australia.

The chief executive of the Centennial and Moore Park Trust, Kim Ellis, said that in the last two years there were 61 accidents or incidents on Grand Drive involving bikes and cars, a third of which required ambulances.

While the plan had angered cyclists, his obligation was to make the park safer and provide crossings so drivers could cross Grand Drive safely after parking.

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Manufacturer of traffic calming solutions

Sino Concept is a french owned and operated manufacturer of street furniture, specialized in traffic calming solutions.

Our range includes speed bumps and speed cushions, which offer maximum safety at all times.

Sino Concept’s traffic calming products are manufactured from a mixture of both recycled and natural rubber to provide optimal traction and shock absorption.

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