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Sino Concept is an industry leading French manufacturer of street furniture and bespoke products based in China. We specialize in manufacturing street furniture as seen here on our website and custom designs based on your specifications. Follow the links below for more information. Follow us to get the last news about urban furniture :

Wall mounted bike rack manufacturer

9 April, 2012

sinoconcept vertical wall mount bike rack 300x187 Wall mounted bike rack manufacturerWall mounted bicycle racks offer the perfect compromise of bike storage and security, while not taking up to much valuable space!

Wall mounted bicycle racks are becoming very popular with architects and urban developers thanks to their relatively low cost, ease of use, and space saving design.

Sino Concept manufacturers a huge range of commercial bike racks at our own factories here in China. If you want the best price for your wall mounted bicycle racks, bicycle hoops, sheffield hoops, bike parking bollards or custom designed bike racks use our contact for here to contact us now!
Many modern homes, villas, offices are being designed with these space saving wall mounted bicycle racks in mind to offer a neat, tidy and secure bicycle parking area.

There are various designs of wall mounted bicycle racks, but generally speaking all of these designs fall in to one of two categories. Those with the ability to secure a bike and those for just holding a bike up out of the way.

sino concept vertical bike rack manufacturer china 300x225 Wall mounted bike rack manufacturerThe secure version of the wall mounted bike rack usually features a steel hoop incorporated in to the design, or has a large hole in the main trough (wheel rail) there a bicycle lock can be used.

Are you looking for a supplier of secure wall mounted bike racks? Contact us now for a quotation!

These secure wall mounted bike racks are usually used in garages, offices, schools and other areas where many people have access to the room/area bikes are kept.

sino concept wall mounted bike racks 767x1024 Wall mounted bike rack manufacturerWall mounted bicycle racks used for storage only usually lack a locking hoop, and are only used in more secure places such as in homes or private rooms with limited access to strangers.

Different types of wall mounted bike racks:

  • Secure wall mounted bike racks.
  • Outdoor wall mounted bike racks.
  • Indoor wall mounted bike racks.
  • Steel wall mounted bike racks
  • Custom manufactured wall mounted bike racks!

Contact us now for the best possible prices for wall mounted steel bike racks! Buy direct from the factory and cut our the middle man!

Sino Concept Manufactures What You Imagine

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturer of bicycle parking and security products based in China.

Our factories specialize in the manufacture of bespoke products based on our customers designs and requirements.

If you would like to learn more about our custom manufacturing service, or would like to request a quotation for bike parking solutions please feel free to contact us now!


Sino Concept Bicycle Parking Solutions

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