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Sino Concept is an industry leading French manufacturer of street furniture and bespoke products based in China. We specialize in manufacturing street furniture as seen here on our website and custom designs based on your specifications. Follow the links below for more information. Follow us to get the last news about urban furniture :

Functionality Of Street Furniture

23 May, 2012

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From benches to bollards, bike racks to litter bins, street furniture is an essential part of the urban fabric. Let’s discover in this article the functionality of street furniture and how Sino Concept Street furniture can make a city look more complete.

Like onset extras, street furniture is one of those elements frequently overlooked but very much needed to make up the whole.

Take them away, however, and people immediately notice that something is missing even if they are hard pressed to put their finger on exactly what it is.

Functionality of street furniture:

images 5 300x143 Functionality Of Street FurnitureLining pavements, parks, public spaces and residential developments, street furniture provides the punctuation for open spaces.

mobilier urbain id350 300x197 Functionality Of Street FurnitureBoth functional and attractive, it is a driver of pedestrian activity: bollards act as safety elements; benches create rest stops; bus stops provide a form of shelter.

Bollards1 300x239 Functionality Of Street Furniture

images Functionality Of Street FurnitureCHANGING TIMES

Traditionally, street furniture has often been overlooked and when is included was often only an afterthought, lacking design and funtion.

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However, in recent times there has been an genuine increase in the consideration for community spaces and developments across the street furniture as a whole.

dust bin for public spaces 341992 Functionality Of Street Furniture

The interest of street furniture is vital  for it help  give a city or development character. Some of  cities have taken strong measures in the right direction towards implementing street furnishing that resonate the area’s personality.

moronnozmuscle 300x185 Functionality Of Street FurnitureAESTHETIC APPEAL

Beyond mere functionality, street furniture is valued for its ability to add to the aesthetic appeal of a development or enhance  identity.

Samara um 300x224 Functionality Of Street Furniture

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cycle barclays 300x203 Functionality Of Street Furniture

While practicality is at the heart of the application of street furniture, it is its design that gives visitors an emotional connection to an area.

Street furniture is something that is always optional, but it helps to give a different atmosphere to the landscape.

Sino Concept Street furniture Manufacturers

Sino Concept is conscious about how street furniture can improve a public space.

Kajen Public Bench by Thomas Bernstrand 300x300 Functionality Of Street Furniture

Sino Concept street furniture can make a city feel more complete!

Sino Concept Street furniture can make a city look more complete, adding important touches that infuse the areas around the buildings with a sense of belonging.

Bollard sinoconcept Functionality Of Street Furniture

benches Sinoconcept 300x225 Functionality Of Street FurnitureSino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer of Urban Furniture. Our offices and factories are all based in China meaning we are able to manufacture top quality street furniture, to high standards at lower prices.

Our street furniture have been used in many cosmopolitan cities all over the world.

As well as our fantastic line of street furniture we also manufacture a full range of attractive steel  commercial bike rackseco-friendly productsprotection barriers and traffic safety products.

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