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Sino Concept Street Furniture Manufacturer.

Sino Concept is an industry leading French manufacturer of street furniture and bespoke products based in China. We specialize in manufacturing street furniture as seen here on our website and custom designs based on your specifications. Follow the links below for more information. Follow us to get the last news about urban furniture :

Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing Manufacturer

23 May, 2012

sino concept ornamental guardrail 300x187 Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing Manufacturer

Sino Concept are well known for our range of high quality street furniture, but did you also know that we produce a huge number of custom ornamental fences and gates? Keep reading for more details and examples.

Sino Concept is a leading manufacturer of steel street furniture products based in China. We are unique in that we own and operate our own 2 factories here which allows us to keep a strict eye on quality. It also allows us the flexibility to manufacture any steel product our customers require.

If you have a steel street furniture design such as an ornamental fence, gate, pedestrian guardrail or any other steel product contact us now with your details for a quotation!

wrought iron fence panel manufacturer china Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing ManufacturerOne of our more popular but lesser known product ranges is our wrought iron ornamental fencing and ornate gate ranges, which boast beautiful aesthetics whilst offering fully function perimeter protection.

Wrought iron fence panels and iron gates are perfect for use around gardens, parks, play areas, cemeteries, green areas ETC, where boundary demarcation needs to be accomplished with a touch of class.

wrought iron fence manufactuer sino concept Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing Manufacturer

Areas Wrought Iron Fence Panels are Used:

  • Public gardens.
  • Private gardens.
  • Green areas.
  • Village greens.
  • Playing fields.
  • Cemeteries.
  • Schools and universities.
  • ETC

sinoconcept wrought iron fence manufacturer Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing Manufacturer

Why Choose Wrought Iron Fencing and Gates.

Sino Concepts wrought iron fence panels offer numerous advantages the most obvious being their strength and beauty, however more less obvious but equally appealing advantages can be had by choosing an ornamental fence design.

  • Anti-climb design.
  • Maximum longevity.
  • Infinite design options.
  • Privacy.
  • Security.
  • Adds value and style.

sino concept ornamental wrought iron fence panel Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing Manufacturer

Sino Concept Wrought Iron Fence Panels and Gate.

We offer a wide variety of wrought iron gates and fence panels all of which are manufactured at our own factories here in China.

In addition to the designs we have highlighted here we also manufacture custom designed ornamental gates and wrought iron fencing based on our customers designs.

Contact us here if you would like a quotation for your own design of ornamental fence, gate or other steel street furniture product.

sino concept ornamental fences Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing ManufacturerIf you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of high quality ornamental fences in China, Sino Concept are your one and only choice.

For more details or to request a quotation, contact us now via our contact form which you can find here.