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Euro Cup Crowd Safety

11 June, 2012

euro cup crowd safety Euro Cup Crowd Safety

The Euro Cup is currently in full swing with the next round bring England VS. France, which is sure to be an exciting game, but with all the excitement how do official guarantee crowd safety?

From school soccer games to international competitions like the current Euro Cup, crowd safety is a familiar and majorly important theme.
However, keeping tens of thousands of excited, cheering spectators safe is no easy task!


Crowd Safety at the Euro Cup

euro cup crowds Euro Cup Crowd SafetyCrowd safety at such a large event as the Euro Cup is takes a lot of careful planning and involves education, supervision and physical safety devices to ensure there are no problems and everyone enjoys the game without injury.

  1. Education: football fans on how to behave at a football game is first and foremost and usually consists of signs, public’s announcement systems, and even tv campaigns.
  2. Supervision: this can consist of CCTV or video cameras at the games watching for problem areas, or even having police officers or security at hand at the game.
  3. Physical safety: Safety barriers such as crowd barriers and crowd safety barriers such as Sino Concept’s hot dip galvanized safety barriers are often in and around football games to keep crowds lining up correctly and to ensure fans stay out of restricted areas.

heavy duty crowd barrier Euro Cup Crowd Safety

Where are crowd safety barriers used?

At football games such as the Euro Cup crowd barriers of all shapes and sizes are found in a variety of key locations.

Starting in car parks, crowd barriers are often used as a temporary demarcation solution as they are extremely tough and easy to install.

crowd barrier 3 150x99 Euro Cup Crowd SafetyFrom car parks and to the entrance to the football stadium, crowd safety barriers are often found at entrances and are often set up so that fans must follow the flow of traffic and are unable to cut to the front of the line.

In the stadium crowd safety barriers will often be set up around stalls, exhibitions and any performances which are taking place, and also around sensitive areas such as VIP areas or the lockers and changing rooms.

crowd barriers queen jubilee Euro Cup Crowd SafetyWe then also see crowd barriers set up around the field and in between rival fans to prevent violence and clashes breaking out.

Sino Concept Crowd Safety Barriers

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer of hot dip galvanized crowd barriers based in China.

the advantage of barriers 1 Euro Cup Crowd SafetyOur crowd safety barriers are manufactured from 2mm thick steel tubing, features full seam welds, built in carry handle and are hot dip galvanized after all welding and machining to ensure a full corrosion resistant finish.

Watch just how strong our crowd barriers are in this video below:



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