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Instant Traffic Calming With Rubber Speed Cushions

19 June, 2012

sino concept rubber speed cushions 300x187 Instant Traffic Calming With Rubber Speed Cushions

 In the past keeping traffic speed to a safe level involved timely construction, heavy machinery and would require on going, expensive maintenance! But not any more thanks to the introduction of Sino Concept’s rubber speed cushions.

Originally speed cushions, speed hump, speed bumps or ‘sleeping policemen’ were constructed of either stone, concrete, tarmac or sometimes a combination of the 3.

While these methods of slowing traffic were effective they were far from perfect and suffered from numerous drawbacks!

Disadvantages of tarmac and concrete traffic calming:


  • Time consuming to construct.
  • Expensive.
  • Disrupts traffic when under construction or maintenance.
  • Require frequent, expensive maintenance.
  • Cannot be removed during winter or road works.
  • Can damage vehicles.
  • Don’t offer a high traction surface.
  • Don’t follow a uniform design.
  • ETC

We could go on all day writing the disadvantages of the older, low tech traffic calming approach of yesteryear, but today we want to tell you about an all new high tech, low cost, and simple to install forming of traffic calming!

Sino Concept Rubber Speed Cushions

speed cushion 3 Instant Traffic Calming With Rubber Speed CushionsRubber speed cushions aren’t actually a very new form of traffic calming, however with recent advances in technology, today’s rubber speed cushions offer the best possible safety, durability and pricing of any traffic calming product!

Sino Concept’s rubber speed cushions represent the pinnacle of rubber traffic calming safety products.

speed cushion 6 Instant Traffic Calming With Rubber Speed CushionsWe have designed our rubber speed cushions to be simple to transport, easy to install, safe to use, cost effective forms of traffic calming.


Tested at independent laboratories!

speed cushion 2 Instant Traffic Calming With Rubber Speed CushionsUnlike other speed cushion manufacturers, Sino Concept has chosen to test our rubber speed cushions at the world renowned independent COFRAC laboratories in France where they passed all road safety test, making our rubber speed cushions one of the safest rubber traffic calming products on the market!

Instant Traffic Calming Results

We pack each of our 6 piece rubber speed cushions in to wooden crates with all fixtures and fittings needed to securely install them on site!

speed cushion 7 Instant Traffic Calming With Rubber Speed CushionsAll you need to install Sino Concept’s rubber speed cushions are a suitable drill, hammer, and socket wrench and you can install our speed cushions on any road surface in a matter of hours!

speed cushion accessories Instant Traffic Calming With Rubber Speed CushionsNo need to block a road of for days and wait for cement or tarmac to set, our rubber speed cushions are ready to be driven over as soon as they are fitted!

Advantages of Sino Concept Rubber Speed Cushions


  • Proven safety.
  • Low cost.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Convenient packaging.
  • Instant results.
  • Can be removed in the winter or during road works!


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