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Ultimate Guide to Bollards!

18 July, 2012

sino concepts ultimate guide to bollards1 Ultimate Guide to Bollards!

We have been writing about street furniture and related products for some time and thought that is was about time we wrote the ‘Ultimate guide to bollards’ keep reading for all the bollard information you will ever need!

Our ultimate guide to bollards links to 5o of our most popular and informative bollard related articles over the past 6 months!

If you want to know about steel bollards, stainless steel bollards, anti-ram bollards or even the history of bollards and where the bollard name came from this ultimate guide to bollards is for you!


1. Illuminated Bollards of Blackpool

For many a holiday maker across the UK, Blackpool is the destination having a good time and enjoying a sunny beach without leaving the country, and their street furniture isn’t to bad either! For those of you who are not familiar with Blackpool, the coastal town has a long history of being a fun summer.


2. Sino Concept Introduces New Cast Aluminum Bollards

To complement our extensive range of high quality steel bollards, we are happy to introduce our all new cast aluminum bollards! At Sino Concept we have already solved many of the corrosion and durability issues associated with steel bollards, thanks to our top quality rust resistant finishes so why have we launched a new cast bollard range.


3. Bollards on Kuwait’s Streets

Kuwait has a highly developed infrastructure with sophisticated communications networks, comfortable hotels, a high standard of education and of course excellent road systems which features excellent street furniture. Bollards on Kuwait’s Streets Bollards in Kuwait are as popular as they are in any large modern urban area.


4. Cigarette Receptacles

Throwing old cigarette butts in a regular rubbish receptacle can be extremely dangerous and may even lead to fires! To keep pedestrians and property safe cigarette receptacles and cigarette bollards should be used.


5. 5 Top Uses of Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are a great choice for those who are worried about security and safety but also need to keep accessibility in mind. Here are Sino Concept’s 5 top uses of removable bollards for around the city.


6. Bollards installed to protect historic bridge

The mystery behind why a row of bollards had been installed along George IV Bridge has been solved. Late last year pedestrians and store owners along George IV Bridge were surprised to discover that a row of low concrete bollards had been installed apparently without reason.


7. Bollards Bring Peace To Local Community

Bollards are being installed at local fast food restaurant in the UK to help improve the quality of life for neighboring home, but how? A McDonald’s restaurant in the UK has agreed to install bollards next to their premises, but not to protect property but rather restore public peace.


8. Sino Concept’s Powder Coating Facility

Sino Concept are excited to announce the opening of our new powder coating facility in China! Learn more and see the video after the jump. Our new powder coating line has already been put through it’s paces, generously coating our best-selling sphere bollards.


9. Bollards Save Girl’s Life!

If you are a regular reader of the Sino Concept blog you have likely come across our praise for the anti ram bollard! And now we have video proof that bollards can one day save your life!


10. Geelong’s iconic waterfront bollards rotting away

In the City of Greater Geelong there are a number of bollards with advanced timber rot will need to be replaced over the coming months.   Maintenance City Hall has begun drawing up a contract for the vital maintenance of the timber art pieces, which are a key attraction on the city’s foreshore.


11. Where to buy bollards?

Sino Concept presents a huge range of high quality bollards for commercial and industrial premises. Usage Bollards are typically used to control vehicle access temporarily or permanently, and can protect the property from ram raids.


12. Top 5 Bollard Installation Tips!

Securing the outside of your home or business is as simple as adding a few tough yet attractive bollards, but what’s the best way to fit them? We have 5 great tips for installing bollards right here!


13. Bollards for Motorbike Security

Create an easy visible motorbike and bicycle parking area through the use of highly reflective bollards. Local authorities in the UK are currently working on a scheme to improve motorbike, scooter and bicycle parking. Local residents have worked closely with council committee’s to create safe parking bays for cyclists and motorbike riders.


14. What you need to know about bollards

A bollard is a vertical post commonly used to provide protection, guide automobile and pedestrian traffic and highlight walkways.  Also known as bumper posts or pipe guards, bollards are often found at malls, supermarkets, hotels, stadiums, arenas, restaurants and other public and private facilities.


15. How to improve facility appearance with bollard covers

Easy to maintain and to install, bollard covers can improve the facility appearance of worn bollards.    Bollards are cylinder shaped objects that stand a few feet tall. They are typically made of durable metals like aluminum, iron or steel and are sometimes filled with concrete.


16. How to protect your store against crime

Security is a constant worry for shop owners. Putting the right measures in place to prevent potential robbers gaining entry, or at the very least slow them down, is essential.   Positive effects generated through the use of bollards Shutters and gates are common but so are bollards.


17. Bollard Ashtrays

We have already spoken about the numerous functions bollards can provide, but did you know they can also help promote a healthier lifestyle? Bollards are a very versatile form of street furniture   Bollard Uses Traffic calming. Traffic safety. Perimeter protection. Vehicle and property protection. Security. Bike parking. Lighting. Decoration. ETC.


18. Cyclops Bollards!

We’ve seen some odd bollards over the years. From bollards straight out of your nightmares to more attractive and functional designs, but this is the first time we have seen a Cyclops Bollard!


19. Who invented the bollard?

Bollards used on pavements actually come from cannons captured during the Napoleonic war. The cannons were apparently stuck in the ground with a cannon ball on the top – and the design has remained ever since.


20. How to install concrete Bollards

Setting a concrete bollard is not a big deal. These guys obviously chose the wrong parking space for there car. Sino Concept explains how to install bollards properly.   The usage of a bollard A bollard is a short post or column installed as a protection barrier as well as a decorative one.


21. Bollards installed to protect graves

New removable bollards have been installed at a graveyard in the UK to prevent inconsiderate parking. Staff at a privately-run cemetery in the UK are pleased at the local councils decision to install a set of removable bollards on the grounds.


22. Removable Bollard

Removable bollards add security, safety and value to inner city areas, by creating safer to navigate streets free of unwanted traffic. Where do we find removable bollards? Removable bollards are most often used outside of shops, stores and public buildings such as libraries and hospitals.


23. Anti Ram Property Protection

When we think of anti ram protection, the first thing which springs to mind is the mighty bollard, however there are other, equally effective means of protecting property.


24. UK Bollard Lighting

Bollards lighting can be both decorative and practical, the possibilities of bollards lighting are endless! Bollard lights, or bollard lighting can be used to illuminate a path, highlight a garden feature to to outline a specific area.


25. CAD (computer aided design) Bollards

Sino Concept design and develops all our bollards with advanced CAD (computer aided design) software to ensure perfection and quality. Advantages of CAD for Bollards Production details can be extracted directly from the drawing. Absolute accuracy can be maintained.


26. Types of bollards

Bollards are simple structures which have changed very little in the hundreds of years they have been in use. Here are some types of bollards.


27. 18 Places you will find bollards

Bollards are very useful and are super versatile! Here are 18 places/uses for the common street furniture accessory the bollard!   18 Places you will find bollards.


28. How to Install Bollards

Bollards are a very simple and effective way to add security and protection to streets. Fitting bollards is as simple as install a fence, however some people do still get it wrong. Fitting steel bollards is a quick and simple process, which should take experienced construction workers just a few hours or so.


29. 5 Reasons to use bollards

Bollards are simple structures which have changed very little in the hundreds of years they have been in use. Here are 5 reasons why we use bollards.   5 Reasons: Governments extensively use bollards for control of both vehicles and pedestrian traffic, especially in the more crowded areas of cities.


30. Where to use bollard lighting?

A bollard light is a type of outdoor lighting encased in a vertical post at ground level.   Where is bollard lighting used? Today’s bollard lighting can be cylindrical, square or any other basically vertical shape that is used to house outdoor lights.


31. Bollards

Bollards have been used for centuries as barriers around buildings. Here are the introduction of bollards history and construction.   History Bollards, as functional street furniture, began with the Romans who constructed milestone markers, horse troughs, and tethering posts made of wood or stone.


32. Bollards: the street furniture that protects you!

Ensuring a guarded traffic of people inside a building and keeping its outside areas protected is now achievable with ease and style. Thanks to the invention of decorative bollards. Establishments of different industries can now be protected without being visually unappealing in the eyes of many.


33. Bollard use

Bollards become very useful in many areas, and have are so versatile they can be used in a number of ways.   Bollard use Bollards are primarily used to protect a footway area from access by vehicles.


34. What are the uses of bollards?

Bollards are simple structures which have changed very little in the hundreds of years they have been in use. What are the uses of bollards?   What are the uses of bollards? Governments extensively use bollards for control of both vehicles and pedestrian traffic, especially in the more crowded areas of cities.


35. Bollards UK

Bollards come in various sizes, designs, materials and for numerous purposes. Here are some bollard facts and details. Bollard Materials Bollards are often made from steel, or cast iron, stainless steel, however there are also plenty of concrete, WPC (wood plastic composite), wood, and even rubber bollards in daily use.


36. Bollard reflective tape

Bollards have been used for centuries as barriers around buildings, however bollards with reflective tape can be found in more areas around town than before. Why use reflective tape Reflective tape provides enhanced visibility in poor lighting conditions and at night to enable vehicles to navigate more safely through routes that are demarcated by bollards.


37. Post and Chain Bollards

The prominence of bollards has dramatically increased during the past decade due to heightened concerns about security. Bollards with chain The use of chains with standard bollards can add pedestrian control without overly changing the design of the bollards themselves.


38. Bollard lights

Bollards lights are becoming more and more popular in recent years, and offer some superb benefits over traditional outdoor lighting.   What is a bollard light?


39. Bollard covers

Bollard Covers are a protective sleeve that easily fit over your existing bollards to give them a fresh look, decoration or protection. What are bollard covers?


40. Where can we use bollard lights

A bollard light is a type of outdoor lighting encased in a vertical post at ground level. These versatile outdoor lights can be used in many different ways.   Where can bollard lights be used?


41. Bollards for vehicle and pedestrian traffic control

Steel bollards can be used for the control of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in busy city streets and shopping areas. Governments and city planners extensively use bollard for the control of both vehicles and pedestrians, which are especially useful in larger, more crowded cities and towns.


42. Bollards for Traffic Flow Control

Bollards are the obvious street furniture choice for protecting property or the public, but what about for traffic control? Everyone hates to be stuck in traffic jams, but getting stuck in traffic when the flow of vehicles is unclear and confusing can be even more infuriating!


43. Bollard Manufacturers in China

We manufacture all of our excellent bollards in China in our own factories. Sino Concept have been manufacturing bollards in China for years. We know how to make excellent quality bollards which will add valuable protection to any city, while looking fantastic in the process.


44. Bollards Keep Up To Date With Today’s Design Trends

As fashions and trends come and go there are always certain items are constantly popular. In clothing these items are denim jeans or a black dress, but for the street furniture industry we have the bollard.


45. Why and how to use bollards?

Governments extensively use bollards for control of both vehicles and pedestrian traffic, especially in the more crowded areas of cities. People may not be normally aware of their use, so they are always marked with the appropriate signs to give the public the proper information.


46. Fixed and Removable bollards and Security Bollards

Sino Concept bollards come in all shapes, sizes and designs. We can make them to suit all landscapes and uses. From improving the look of the environment to the securing premises, our bollards will fit the bill.


47. Bollard Materials and Uses

There are numerous different bollards on the market at the moment, each with it’s own unique qualities and strengths. Keep reading to learn which bollards are suitable for your application.


48. Steel Bollards

The high tensile strength of steel bollards makes them one of the most suitable anti-ram and security street furniture products we manufacture. Sino Concept Manufactures Bollards In Our Own Factories in China!


49. Anti Ram Raid Bollards

“Ram-raid victim stands by ‘great community’”, “Teen crime gang steals cars, ram raids two pubs”, “Store ram raided”. These are just a few of the headlines from over the past few days!


50. 50 Uses of bollards

Bollards come in many forms and have various names, anti-ram bollard, parking post, street post etc. We see them everywhere we go from our own streets to the local supermarket and everyplace in between. But what are bollards for? What can bollards be used for?


Sino Concept French Bollard Manufacturers in China!

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturer of bollards based in China. All of our bollards and street furniture products are manufactured from high quality steel and are made to our high standards.

If you would like more information about out bollards, or bespoke bollard manufacturing service please feel free to contact us now via our contact form here.