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5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!

28 August, 2012

 traffic calming scare crow 300x187 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!

Accidents due to speeding driver have been cropping up in the news quite often this past week, but what can we do to slow speeding drivers down? Keep reading to find out how to stop speeding drivers in 5 minutes!

If you have time head over to Google news and type in a search for ‘speeding drivers’ or ‘traffic calming’ you will be amazed by how many stories of reckless and careless driving appear from the past few days alone!

What amazes me most about speeding drivers is that even with all this headline news, motorists are still willing to risk their lives and the lives of others just so they can get to where they are going a little faster!


5 Simple ways to slow speeding drivers!

If you live on a street or along a road where speeding is a big problem take a look at these few suggestions which might help to drivers down as they drive along your streets!


Set up a fake speed camera

It might sound like a strange idea, but villagers across Britain have been having great success with the use of fake gatso cameras.

fake speed cameras to slow down speed drivers 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!While the one in picture above houses a flash light and mirror to fool drivers in to thinking that this is a real Gatso speed camera, you could install something much less complicated and could even team up with a school on the project.


Traffic Calming Scarecrows

Another project which could be put together with the help of local schools are traffic calming scarecrows.

traffic calming scarecrows 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!Using old clothes and straw, people have found that creating life size scarecrows representing children near roads, elderly people, or even police officers can also work to help reducing speed through towns.


Make your own speed limit signs

One problem with drivers speeding through villages could be that they don’t notice the change in speed limit from the high-speed national speed limit roads to the slower speed village areas.

speed limit sign painted on house 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!

Again villagers have taken to correcting this problem by adding additional speed limit signs along roads to help ensure drivers no the correct speed limits.

Some people have gone to extraordinary lengths to advertise the local speed limit and have even painted the entire side of their homes with the correct speed limit on show!


Use bins to slow traffic

Some residents in Conwy, North Wales, have become so frustrated with people speeding along the narrow streets have decided to take matter in to their own hands!

North Wales residents use wheelie bins as speed signs 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!Residents along these streets where speed is a serious problem believe that the 30mph speed limit is not slow enough, and so have placed their own homemade speed limit signs on the bins complete with high visibility tape in the hope to slow drivers down.


Cardboard cutout police officers

If you don’t have time to get creative you can always buy one of the many cardboard cutout police officers which can stand in your garden tricking traffic in to slowing down.

cardboard cut out policewoman 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!

Along with cardboard police officers there are other cardboard cutouts available which can also help in slowing down traffic.


Permanent traffic calming solutions

While the above traffic calming solution might slow speeding drivers down for a short time, frequent users of a road will soon see thought these measures and will eventually begin to ignore them completely!

speed cushion sweeper 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!So while they might be useful for the short-term, we suggest a more permanent solution to traffic calming and combating speeding drivers.

While we agree that more traffic calming measure are all about compromise we know of, and recommend one form of traffic calming above all others and those are rubber speed cushions!


Why Rubber Speed Cushions?

Rubber speed cushions are the only form of traffic calming measure available today which is not only proven to work, but also continues to work, day and night, all year without fail!

Sino Concept black rubber speed cushion 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!

While drivers can be tricked in to slowing down for some traffic calming measures, rubber speed cushions offer an actual physical obstacle which requires drivers to slow down if they want drive over it. Regardless of how often a driver drives over speed cushions they must slow down!

speed cushion rubber 1 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!

Rubber speed cushions offer further advantages which make them the most chosen, and trusted traffic calming measure available today including:

  • Low cost.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be installed in a matter of minutes.
  • Simple to remove and reuse.


Speed Cushion manufacturer

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturer of speed cushions based in China. We manufacturer all of our products including rubber speed cushions in-house at our own factories so we can ensure the best possible quality at the best possible prices.

speed cushion 8 5 simple ways to slow speeding drivers!

If you would like more details about our rubber speed cushion or if you would like to request a quotation please feel free to contact us via our contact form here.