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Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!

14 September, 2012

rubber speed bumps hero 300x187 Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!


When we here the news that traffic accidents are on the increase due to speeding drivers most people jump to the conclusion rubber speed bumps are the answer, but this is not always true!

As a real life example and one I can witness on a daily basis, rubber speed bumps installed on the road outside my home have actually made the road more dangerous to both drive on and cross!


Why were these speed bumps installed

Outside my home there is a rather long and very well maintained road. It is free from traffic during the weekends and evenings and there are were no traffic calming measures or speed cameras.

3406121688 85894d0611 Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!As you would expect this quiet road quickly became the target of young drivers in high performance cars, who chose this 4 lane road as a makeshift race track!

car photo 18874 7 Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!Not only did racers enjoy breaking the speed limit along this road, but local car showrooms would bring test drives along the road to demonstrate how these expensive cars can hand-break turn, accelerated from 0-100kmh and generally drive like a bunch of idiots!

 rubber speed bumps on road china Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!

So due to the problem with dangerous and speeding drivers local residents requested speed bumps to be installed to slow the traffic down and deter dangerous driving, but it has only made matters worse!


Why is the driving more dangerous now?

There are many problems with the choice to use long speed bumps to slow down drivers, so it is difficult where to start so I’ll write the problems in no specific order as each one is as important as the next:


There are no warning signs!

The speed bumps have been installed but there is no warning to tell drivers that they are there! So, drivers who are use to flying down the road and break neck speeds continue to do so until they are forced to slam on their breaks to slow down!

RearEndCollision1 Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!

This alone has caused one accident this week!


The installation hasn’t been thought out!

Then there is the problem with the installation. Two two length rubber speed bumps have been installed right after one another on either side of the road in a staggered arrangement.

cars driving over rubber speed bumps Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!

This causes two problems:

  1. Cars slow to an almost stand still when driving over them increasing the chance of rear end collision.poor traffic calming solutions Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!
  2. Most drivers just avoid the bumps altogether and drive on the opposite side of the road while maintaining there already high-speed!


The wrong tool for the job

So we have a traffic calming solution which has actually created an even more dangerous driving environment what should have been done?

Sino Concept black rubber speed cushion 300x225 Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!Rather than using long length speed bumps, speed cushions should have been installed across the entire length of the road, this would not only slow traffic down but would also prevent drivers from driving on the wrong side of the road!

Rubber speed cushions are also better for emergency service vehicles as they can straddle the cushion and not need to slow down while on call.

  1. Sino Concept black rubber speed cushion.
  2. Sion Concept red rubber speed cushions.


Sino Concept Rubber Speed Cushions

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturer of rubber speed cushions based in China.

speed cushion 7 300x225 Speed bumps aren’t always good for traffic calming!We manufacture are modular rubber speed cushions at our own factories to ensure a competitive price while maintaining high levels of quality.

If you would like more details about Sino Concept’s range of rubber traffic calming products please feel free to contact us now via our contact form here and we will be in touch as soon as possible.