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5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

19 October, 2012

5 ways to slow traffic on your street 300x187 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood


We’ve all been there and had the problem of cars and other vehicles hurtling through our quiet neighborhoods, but you don’t need to put up with if for a moment longer if you follow are 5 steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood.

Why people speed through neighborhoods?

Before we get to talking this problem let’s have a look at a few of the reasons why drivers decide it is their right to drive as fast as they like through your avenue or street and passed  your front door.

One of the main reasons is that they are heading to work (or home from work) and they are using your quiet little street as a short cut to cut out a traffic jam, busy main road or a couple of traffic lights.

stop speeding drivers in your neighborhood 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

As most neighborhoods are designated low speed limit areas and due to local privacy laws you will like find zero traffic cameras, speed cameras or CCTV along a residential road, meaning drivers are lulled in to believing they can drive as fast as they like without consequence.

car speeding through neighboordood 1024x683 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

Another reason drivers might choose to drive at excessive speeds near where your children play and neighbors talk, could be down to lack of traffic calming measures such as rubber speed bumps, road narrowing or chockers, speed bumps, chicanes or any other such traffic calming device!


5 steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

So not we know why people are using our streets as a homegrown Monarcho GP track, how do we meet this problem head-on and stop them? Here are a number of ways which we have found to be very successful!


1. Contact your local council, government, police.

“They won’t do anything” I hear you cry, but this isn’t always the case and even if they don’t act straight away at least you have informed them of a problem!

british traffic police stop speeding drivers 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

If they do act more police patrols or traffic cars might be send to patrol your neighborhood, which will have the knock on effect of deterring crime. If the local government or council get’s involved they might ask your suggestions on how you think the problem should be solved.


2. Make a plan

If your local authority does approach you and your community for ideas on how to slow traffic in your neighborhood you will need to plan carefully and suggest solutions which won’t create an inconvenience.

parking on road is sometimes necessary 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

For example road narrowing or chicanes are a proven way to slow vehicles, however the can also create traffic jams which in turn will create more noise and pollution. Even if this isn’t the case, road narrowing or traffic islands can cause other problems such as limiting parking spaces or slowing emergency vehicles.

rubber speed cushion manufacturer China 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

Another proven way to slow traffic is to use rubber speed cushions. Not only are rubber speed cushions one of the most modern ways to decrease traffic speed but they also don’t create parking problems, they don’t slow emergency services and they boast a huge number of benefits such as….


3. Explain the benefits to those involved

While you might want to have rubber speed cushions installed on your street to slow traffic you are still likely to come up against some opposition either from your neighbors or the local authority you are trying to convince to install them. To help prevent opposition offer good reasons for why rubber speed cushions should be installed such as:

  • Speed cushions are good for the environment as they are made from recycled rubber.
  • They reduce traffic noise thanks the rubber construction.
  • They are practically zero maintained.
  • They don’t require special skills or tools to install.
  • They can be installed in a matter of hours.
  • Speed cushions offer instant traffic calming.
  • They can be removed and reused.
  • They are cheaper than alternate traffic calming measures.
  • Speed cushions don’t slow down emergency vehicles.

560x350 Blog 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhoodThe advantages of rubber speed cushions are almost endless and most people will have to agree that installing them will help to promote slower, safer driving.

However, if you still have trouble convincing people that rubber speed cushions are the way to go, suggest additional methods of slowing traffic which can also improve the look and atmosphere of your street.


4. Large steel planters to slow traffic

Thinking out-side the box is often needed in situations like these and one of the most unique and attractive ways to slow traffic is through the use of large steel planters.

Round steel planter 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

Now, planters won’t work if you have limited parking space or already narrow roads, no in these cases they only choice to slow traffic is to use rubber speed cushions, but if space is not a problem using planters is a great idea.

As you would imagine large steel planters filled with soil and attractive flowers are very very heavy, and as such are not something a speeding motorist would want to hit. Placing these large stationary objects along a road might make motorists think twice before breaking the speed limit.

large steel planters 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

Planters also have the added benefits of creating excellent anti-ram barriers which will prevent vehicles mounting pavements and hitting pedestrians or damaging property. plus they can bring in added beauty and a little nature to your neighborhood.


5. Bollards and guardrails

While we are beautifying your street and slowing traffic lets add a little extra protection for pedestrians and other road users by installing some attractive powder coated steel bollards and pedestrian guardrails.

flowers and pedestrian barriers 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

Not only can these be used to limit access or narrow roads, but they can be used to delineate the edge of roads and add and extra anti-ram protection to stop cars from injuring pedestrians.

pedestrian barrier with flowers 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhood

As well as the safety aspects steel bollards and guardrails can bring character and style to your street and can even be specially designed to allow for bicycle parking, which might promote cycling and reduce traffic all together!


Sino Concept Traffic Calming and Street Furniture Manufacturers

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturer of steel street furniture and rubber speed cushions based in China.

We manufacturer all of our products in-house which allows us to make extremely high quality, durable products at affordable prices.

sinoconcept ecoated steel guardrails 5 Steps to traffic calming in your neighborhoodWhats more, as we own our own two factories here in China, we are fully equipped and able to manufacture steel and rubber products based on your designs and specifications! Meaning you could possible move some of your manufacturing to us in China to help save your business money!

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