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Sheffield bike stands

22 October, 2012

sheffield cycle hoop 300x187 Sheffield bike stands

The classic British Sheffield bike stands is hugely popular right now and for good reason! What other piece of street furniture looks so good while providing so many benefits!


Sheffield bike stands, also known as the bike hoop or cycle hoop, are an impact resistant, zero maintenance item of street furniture with multiple uses!

  • Bike rack
  • Anti-ram protection
  • Vehicle theft protection
  • Traffic flow control
  • Traffic calming
  • Pedestrian safety

The standard role of the simple steel hoop is to provide a safe place for cyclist to lock their bicycles to prevent theft. sheffield bike stands sinococnept china Sheffield bike stands For more information about our bike parking and security hoops visit our product pages here!

Sheffield hoops can be concreted in to the ground as stand alone items, fitted with ‘feet’ to be bolted to the ground, or even made in to a ‘toast rack’ style bicycle rack.

Street bike stands can also be used to protect ATM’s and stores against ram-attacks or damage from vehicles.

sino concept sheffield bike rack manufacturer Sheffield bike stands

And around car park and vehicle lots to prevent the theft of motor vehicles.

Autopa Sheffield cycle stand 1 Sheffield bike stands

Sino Concept manufactures a wide variety of Sheffield cycle hoop, hoop barriers or anti-ram hoops and offer a wide range of options including:

  • Material: Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Finishing: Hot-dip galvanised or powder coated
  • Choice of hoop styles and angles
  • Choice of tube diameters

toast rack cycle stand Sheffield bike stands

For more information about Sino Concepts range of hoop barriers and cycle hoops, visit our street furniture, hoop barrier specification pages below:

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