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Why choose hot dip galvanized steel pedestrian guardrails?

16 November, 2012

hot dip galvanized steel guardrails1 300x187 Why choose hot dip galvanized steel pedestrian guardrails?Pedestrian guardrails are designed to be installed outdoors in areas where pedestrians are at risk of collision or falling accidents. To ensure continued safety it might be necessary to choose hot dip galvanized steel pedestrian guardrails! But why?

What is hot dip galvanized steel?

Hot dip galvanized steel is steel which has been treated to a hot zinc galvanizing process. Steel parts, in this case pedestrian barriers, are cleaned in a chemical bath to ensure an oil and contaminant free surface. Once fully cleaned the parts are slowly dipped in to a bath of molten zinc. DSC 00102 Why choose hot dip galvanized steel pedestrian guardrails?

The molten zinc attaches to the surface of the steel part both on the exterior and interior of the component. This hot dip galvanized steel finish ensures a fully corrosion resistant surface and will ensure a long-lasting, durable finish.


Why choose hot dip galvanized steel guardrails?

As steel pedestrian guardrails (along with other steel street furniture such as bollards, bins, bike stands etc) are designed to be used permanently outdoors, and in all weathers it might be necessary to opt for a hot dip galvanized steel finish.

 DSC 0001 Why choose hot dip galvanized steel pedestrian guardrails?

While our E-coating is usually more than enough to prevent premature corrosion it is sometimes advisable to choose hot dip galvanized steel in the following circumstances:

  • When the steel is to be used near ocean and salt water.
  • In an area with high crime rate and a lot of vandalism.
  • When mounted in high PH earth or soil.
  • In areas where salt is used to remove snow and ice in winter.


Sino Concept hot dip galvanized steel guardrails

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer of steel street furniture. We manufacturer all of our steel products in-house at our own factories where we offer a range of finishing treatments including E-coating, hot dip galvanized steel and powder coating.

For more details of our steel street furniture products as well as our treatment options please feel free to contact us now via our contact form here.