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Bollards for protection in public spaces

4 January, 2013

sino concept visibility compliant bollards Bollards for protection in public spaces

Every year pedestrians all over the world are killed or injured by motorists. As the number of pedestrians increases, so does the need to implement basic, but necessary improvements that are proven to calm traffic and protect citizens.

One such preventive engineering improvement are bollards, also known as street posts. When installed strategically in locations of high pedestrian volume, high crash locations, bus and truck routes and locations with a high population of senior citizens or school children.

Bollards are an effective way to slow traffic and protect pedestrians in the event of a crash and can be even more effective when used in conjunction with rubber speed cushions or speed bumps.

It can be installed in a number of locations with numerous uses:

  • Innovative pedestrian-friendly street designs
  • Designation of pedestrian and bicycle lanes
  • Safety measures to manage vehicular flow
  • Securing bike lanes, paths and greenways
  • Security for government and financial institutions
  • Prevention of parking on sidewalks

Basic traffic calming measures like speed bumps, corner curb extensions and bollards are ideal tools to improve public space and are proven to prevent injuries in the event of a traffic accident.

Speed Cushion Bollards for protection in public spaces



It can be used to manage and direct the flow of traffic,  separate bike lanes from traffic, mark off taxi queuing areas, protect pedestrian space, draw driver’s attention to traffic calming measures, prevent vehicles from parking on sidewalks, test roadway redesign and sidewalk widening and guard against potential terrorist threats.

car stuck on bollards Bollards for protection in public spaces



The most effective ones are manufactured from either steel or stainless steel, and can be installed via bolting to the ground, or prefrably concreted in to position.

While most bollards are the standard static one, there are a huge number of bollards including security bollards, parking bollards, telescopic bollards, concrete bollards, street bollards, removable bollards, traffic bollards and road bollards.

folding parking bollards from sino concept Bollards for protection in public spaces

For cyclists, bollards are an invaluable tool to prevent cars from encroaching on bike lanes, separated paths and greenways. It can also alert and slow cyclists and drivers as they approach a hazardous intersection. Bollards are an indispensable security, parking, traffic management device.


Sino Concept bollards manufacturer in China

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