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Should I fill bollards with concrete for extra protection?

3 January, 2013

concrete filled bollard Should I fill bollards with concrete for extra protection?

Steel bollards are the perfect anti-ram protection, but is it always correct/necessary to fill it with concrete for more protection? Keep reading to find out.

Steel bollards, stainless steel or high tensile steel, are usually designed to be the correct diameter and wall thickness to provide adequate anti-ram protection, however to make it even stronger and provide more stopping force you might be tempted to fill them with concrete.

Filling bollards with concrete makes them more rigid and provides more mass, this in-turn should boost the stopping power of a bollard. But before you going about adding more mass make sure they are suitable to be filled with concrete, as those not designed to be filled could end up turning in to dangerous projectiles in the event of a crash!

car stuck on bollards Should I fill bollards with concrete for extra protection?

Before filling steel bollards with concrete, check with your supply to ensure that:

  • They need concrete filling.
  • Was it designed to be used with concrete?
  • Will filling it make any effect?
  • What problems could I be creating by filling it with concrete?


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Sino Concept have years of experience manufacturing bollards to meet the requirements of our customers, as such we can design and engineer bollards to suit your specifications.


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Our range of bollards currently consists of stainless steel, steel anti-ram and decorative bollards. You can see our standard range here, but feel free to contact us if you have other needs or would like bollards manufactured to your own specifications.