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The “Cans Catchers”, a new way of dreading the street furniture

16 July, 2013

If you are wondering what does this big basketball hoop do in the middle of the street, it’s that you never heard about “Cans catchers”…


the cans catcher a new way of dreading the street furniture  The Cans Catchers, a new way of dreading the street furniture



The environmental issue gets bigger every day, and the industry competes in ingenuity to try to remedy the problem or, at least, slow down its effects. The street furniture industry now decided to join the move with its “cans catchers” or, even more surprising, with these “roadwork sweeper bikes”.
“Cans catchers” (or “Blikvanger” in dutch) , is a creative invention which came to us from the Netherlands. It is a great way to collect cans from bicycle drivers: They enjoy playing basketball with their empty cans and it’s good for the environment.



135 cans used every second Today in France

135 cans are used each second and only 60% of them are being recycled. Using “cans catchers” could be a ludic way to encourage young people to recycle their cans.
The phenomenon of “can catchers” had a real success and it is making the buzz on the internet, like in this video in which, within a distance of 20 meters, these young people get to score 3-point baskets with their empty cans.




Why such a success for Cans Catchers?

Made of a huge net, it allows the cyclists to throw their cans to the bin without leaving their saddle. This invention may appear wacky and unhelpful from the point of view of an adult, but it seems that young people are more sensitive to it. Now they will go throw their cans with no need for their parents to scold them.


blikvanger2 The Cans Catchers, a new way of dreading the street furniture



We now let you make your own idea of “cans catchers” by looking at this video which was made by CyclingDutchStyle, the designers of this brand new trash can. The exercise may be perilous at the beginning, but maybe it will reveal budding basketball stars.