Traffic safety supply 

Wide range of traffic safety supply

Sino Concept has developed an excellent range of traffic safety supply and parking safety products made from rubber, plastic and steel.

Thanks to our know-how, we can manufacture the highest quality traffic safety products on the market at incredible prices. Whether it is for temporary markings, pavement marking or construction site, you will find what you are looking for at Sino Concept.

If you are interested in our production methods, pricing, or developing, new products feel free to contact our team!


  • Our American Speed Bumps are the most adaptable speed bumps you can find on the market. Our competent team of designers and engineers developed a multifunctional speed reduction ramp, connecting the advantages of our Road Bumpers and our Rubber Cable Protectors!Fulfilling all American standard regulations (IFE, FHWA) this product is all you need to...

  • Wheel stops or parking blocks are a standard piece of traffic safety supply. Variations include parking stops, parking lot bumpers, parking curbs or car stops.There are different types of wheel stops and concrete wheel stops are the most popular. But trends change, and now you can find more and more rubber wheel stops and plastic parking blocks on the...

  • Our Cable Ramps also called rubber cable guards are the best solution keeping wires safe and orderly from heavy duty vehicles and pedestrians.If you take a look at the cable management solutions market you’ll find three big players: Linebacker Cable Protector, Yellow Jacket Cable Ramp and Guard Dog Cable Guard. But we at Sino Concept, combining all our...

  • Sino Concept’s famous  sleeping policeman is also available in British standard dimensions! On top of complying with these laws, our speed cushion UK is also highly reflective and visible to make it much safer for motorists who drive over it. Our sleeping policeman is also built to be small enough that emergency vehicles with large axels can avoid it when...

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  • Durable rubber and plastic: We only use high-quality materials to produce all of our traffic safety products. We can ensure you a product that can withstand the test of time without cracking, chipping, staining, or fading. We use a mixture of pure and recycled materials to make robust and flexible products that last for years. All of our rubber meets REACH standards after being approved by TÜV Rheinland.
  • Resistant and reflective films: To ensure visibility and durability, we finish most of our products with protective and reflective films. It increases the drivers’ ability to see and avoid hazards even in pitch black or fog. 
  • Customization: Can’t find what you need? According to your requirements, we can customize all of our road safety. We offer different color options, custom logo prints, and a range of different reflective films. From delineator posts to speed bumps and traffic safety signs, our entire catalog can be customized to your needs.
  • Price: Since we manufacture in our factories, we can guarantee the lowest prices while also maintaining our high-quality standards. Do not pay middleman markups anymore and do not worry about who is supplying your traffic accessories. 
  • Secure delivery: Our road safety products are all shipped with the packaging you want: From standard pallet to reinforced wooden crates to guarantee safe transportation from our factory to your warehouse. We ship products with multiple ranges in the same container to reduce transportation costs and make it easier for our customers to manage their inventories. Just ask about our mixed load container options!


  • Injection molding: Also called plastic injection is a process of implementation of thermoformable matter, particularly thermoplastic matter. Most of the thermoplastic items are produced by injection molding machines: First the plastic material is softened. Then the matter obtained is injected into a mold and cooled. 
  • Blow molding: This is a shaping process of molding thermoplastic polymer materials like for example HDPE, LDPE PVC. The process is used to make discontinuously hollow bodies like bottles or flasks. Blow molding allows making a hollow body with less capacity than the rotational molding process. 
  • Rotational molding: It is a shaping process of molding plastic materials. The plastic raw material, which has a powder form or liquid form is charged in a mold to reproduce the interior shape of it. The volume of the mold can contain between 0.1 to 50 000 liters. Rotational molding is especially used to make hollow products.


Red six parts european speed cushion.
  • Speed cushions & speed tables: They are the primary traffic calming system in UK, Australia, and Europe. High-quality, flexible rubber is complemented by highly reflective tape.
Black and yellow american speed bump.
  • Speed bumps and humps: The traffic calming solution of choice for most North American customers. Slow drivers down in your parking lot or neighborhood with heavy-duty vulcanized rubber. Our speed bumps have sturdy interlocking pieces and reflective cat’s eyes to make them easily visible even at night.
Black cable protector with yellow lid.
  • Cable protectors: Our innovative cable guards are featured at events all over the world. Perfect for protecting cables and wires from vehicles and pedestrians. Built-in handles make setting up and tearing down this superior road accessory a breeze.
Black and yellow rubber speed bump.
  • Wheel stops and parking blocks: Designed to keep vehicles from driving through parking spots, we offer wheel stops dimensions to fit any parking area. Easy to install and durable enough to last years, our parking blocks are a smart way to increase security in your parking structure.
Rounded black and yellow rubber corner guard.
  • Corner guards: They are an efficient solution to protect walls, columns and vehicle as well. With these products, you will assure that your customers will park safely.
Black lane separator with white reflective stripes.
  • Lane dividers: Our lane separators made from heavy-duty rubber are an efficient solution to make separations between two parts of a road. They are mostly used for bus lanes and bike lanes.
Orange delineator post with white reflectives stripes.
  • Delineator posts: PU or HDPE flexible delineator posts, we have everything that you need to establish separate paths. Our flexible posts are ideal for highway construction, parking lots, bike lanes and many other areas.
Orange traffic cone with black base and white reflectives stripes.
  • Traffic & safety cones: We offer traffic cones in almost every size, dimension, and color. From construction cones for work zones to reflective cones for redirecting traffic, our collection of orange cones has everything that you need. Made from high-quality PVC with high-intensity grade strips.
Three rectangular guardrail reflectors.
  • Road reflectors: We produce a large variety of reflective road markings and road studs. Highly reflective plastic, glass and aluminum road studs are an effective way to provide security for highways and roads.
Six hard hats (green, blue, red, orange, yellow and white colors)
  • Traffic safety equipment: We offer a whole range of traffic equipment for all of your traffic safety needs. Supply your work site with steel traffic signs and signals, sandbags, reflective vests, etc.

Sino Concept's road safety supply ensure you maximum protection which last for years.  Also to control and protect the crowd, feel free to check our portable barriers.