Speed cushions and Speed tables 

An alternative to speed bumps & humps, our rubber speed cushions (also called speed tables) are traffic calming devices to reduce vehicles speed on public roads. They are set up across the road with a space between them. While a road cushions design obliges cars to reduce their speed; it does not affect buses and emergency vehicles.

Easy to install, this kind of sleeping policeman can be positioned in strategic places such as straight road sections, near pedestrian streets, school areas and many more places.

If you also want to slow down vehicles on your private areas, such as hospitals, malls or universities check our speed bumps.

  • Sino Concept’s popular sleeping policeman is also available in British standard dimensions! On top of complying with these laws, our speed cushion UK is also highly reflective and visible to make it much safer for motorists who drive over it. Our sleeping policeman is also built to be small enough that emergency vehicles with wide axels can avoid it when...

  • Sidney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane… Sino Concept’s speed cushions are sold everywhere in Australia. These traffic calming devices are used to force drivers to decelerate, thereby preventing accidents. Thanks to their durable vulcanized rubber, our speed cushion Australia will last for years.We can easily differentiate this model from the other ones:...

  • Our traffic calming solutions are now available in a Belgian standard design. Manufactured in 4 or 6 pieces, our speed cushions Belgium can be easily and quickly installed.We manufacture vulcanized rubber speed cushions in two different colors respecting Belgian policies: red and white or black and white. They are packed by two in a wooden box and we can...

  • Sino Concept's speed cushion is manufactured to respect strict European safety standards to ensure a maximum of security! It does not include UK and Ireland, and Belgium which have their own policies. Best-seller in France, our speed cushion Europe, is highly visible in any weather condition thanks to reflective arrows. For more security, we add anti-slip...

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equipment to install speed cushion compose of lag screws, washers and connectors
  • Instant use: Easily fitted into concrete or asphalt, speed tables are immediately ready to be used. They can be easily removed for road maintenance such as snow clearing, roadworks or painting.
Black Bugatti Veyron blocked by a speed bump
  • Damage free: Some drivers complain that concrete or tarmac speed humps damage their cars when they are driving over them. Thanks to Sino Concept’s speed table design and the utilization of flexible rubber, the vehicles cannot be damaged.
Glass bead retro-reflective films for a maximum security
  • Increased Security: In order to avoid potential vehicular skids under rainy conditions, we use an anti-slip surface for our road cushions. Also, they are equipped with glass bead retro-reflective films for a maximum visibility under any weather condition, day and night.


Different designs available represented by white crossed pen and ruler
  • Available designs: Wherever you are from, our speed table designs will meet your road safety standards (patterns and dimensions). We export to Australia, New Zealand, United-Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, other European Union countries and United-States.
Evironmentally friendly speed cushions
  • Eco-friendly: Doing their part for the environment, our rubber speed cushions are manufactured from recycled rubber such as from tire and belt production, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.
Best price guaranteed, with a white dollar
  • Best price guarantee: Manufactured in our own factories, our speed tables are available at an amazing price and high-quality on the traffic safety market. Also, it allows us to be more reactive and flexible.
Quality packing with a white bwooden box
  • Quality packing: Sino Concept’s speed cushions are designed in a modular part design. Each wooden crate contains two sets for a maximum protection. We also provide all the installation accessories needed: Lag screws, plastic anchors, washers, plastic caps and T connectors.

To ensure the highest security on the roads by creating clear demarcations and warnings, check our delineator posts.