Speed bumps and humps 

"Rubber speed bumps and speed humps range for european american standard"

Speed bumps and road humps are all traffic calming devices designed to slow down vehicles. Some variations include speed humps, speed ramps or even speed breakers.

Unlike other manufacturers who produce concrete, plastic or steel speed bumps, we are using the best rubber to manufacture our product. This manufacturing process makes them easily portable and more flexible.

We offer a wide range of recycled rubber speed bumps with a high stock of products available! Contact us and request a quote! To complete your range of parking safety products, feel free to check our corner guards.

  • Our American Speed Bumps are the most adaptable speed bumps you can find on the market. Our competent team of designers and engineers developed a multifunctional speed reduction ramp, connecting the advantages of our Road Bumpers and our Rubber Cable Protectors!Fulfilling all American standard regulations (IFE, FHWA) this product is all you need to...

  • Speed bumps and humps are imperative for traffic safety, and you can find numerous different types of devices on the market. Nevertheless, at Sino Concept Rubber speed bumps remind bestsellers. By manufacturing a vast quantity of them, we became an expert to create a product which combines quality, durability and efficiency. Information- Skid-proof...

  • Sino Concept's Speed Humps are raised traffic calming devices which we produce in the heights of 30, 50 and 70 millimeters (1.2in, 2in and 2.8in). They slow down vehicles to 25 - 30 mph in a more gradual manner than speed bumps, thanks to their parabolic shape. This makes them the most popular traffic calming device in the U.S.A. Our Speed Humps come with...

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  • Pricing: From raw materials to the finished product, every step is undertaken in our own factory, which guarantees you the best price on the market.
  • Packing: All our speed bumps are safely packed into wooden crates. This will make transportation and storage easier for you and your clients.
  • High-quality: Made from vulcanized recycled rubber, we can guarantee you a soundproof and long lasting product. We use molded yellow colored dye to ensure to that the color does not fade.
  • Efficiency: Exported all over the world, we provided our speed bump with a maxi-grip and an anti-slip surface. An innovative pattern also offers maximum traction and water dispersal, improving safety for people driving under heavy rain or snow. 
  • Custom made: You want to put your logo on our speed bump? We are happy to do it for you! Do you need a custom made design speed bump? Contact us now and share your project with us!


Red cat eye on yellow rubber speed bump.
  • Visibility: On top of an alternating yellow and black rubber, we have included four reflective cat's eyes on our traffic bumps, which gives our product a great visibility, by day and night. In order to demarcate the roads and ensure security, we also use cat's eye for our glass road markers.
Car's wheel on sturdy rubber speed hump.
  • Damage free: Some drivers complain that concrete speed bumpers can damage cars. Even if speed bumps are higher than speed cushions and slow down vehicles more abruptly, our rubber speed bumps are totally safe for any vehicles.
Interlocking system of black and yellow road hump.
  • Innovative interlocking system: We added a great interlocking feature, which is molded into our model for better stability and durability. This interlocking system is also used on our rubber cable protector.
Installation of a rubber speed breaker.
  • Easy to install: This type of removable speed bumps can be set up and removed very fast. The use of different kind of fixings allows you to set up our product on concrete, gravel or any other type of ground. Tell us where you want to install them and we will advise you what kind of fixings you need. With Sino concept, installing your speed ramp become a child's play.


Black and yellow rubber speed bump.

Black and yellow American speed hump.

  • Rubber speed bump:
Rubber has numerous advantages, and for that reason, our speed ramps are Sino Concept’s best sellers. We have designed different types of road humps: 

Our first range is a full rubber breaker, available in two sizes. 
The 5cm (2in) height is designed for light vehicles and is mainly used in front of malls, schools or hospitals. 
The other one, which has a 7 cm (2.75in) height, is a heavy-duty bump. It is a perfect solution for quarries, harbors, warehouse and many other places.

We also created a range of speed bumps/cable protectors which comply with American standards. With three available sizes (3'/4'/6'), you can now enjoy a hybrid product: a speed bump and a cable ramp. You do not need a cable protector. Just add the rubber end cap.
Yellow portable speed bump.
  • Temporary portable speed bumps:
Made of plastic, this road bump is a perfect solution to slow down vehicles. Our product is especially useful for temporary traffic calming measure for festivals, events, and exhibitions. Since you can easily take it with you, this is the perfect cost effective solution. No need to buy several speed breaker for different places, just bring yours and install it wherever you want. The Sino concept only selects the highest quality plastic to manufacture the best product in the market at factory price. This portable speed bump can be installed and removed by a single person in a short time.

Even if there are always pros and cons for rubber speed bumps and humps, their effectiveness is no longer in doubt. And if you want to avoid vehicle damage and driver complaints, use a proper road bump signs to inform them of the coming speed bump.


Speed HumpsSpeed Bumps
Less aggressive traffic control device because of its height.More abrupt at reducing vehicle speed due to the speed bumper height.
Reduce traffic speed to around 25 to 30mph.Reduce vehicle speed to approximately 0-5mph.
Usually made of rubber or concrete.Made of plastic, rubber, steel, concrete.
Travel length is about 12 to 15 feet.Short travel lengths, less than 3 feet.
Thickness is around 3 to 4 inches.Normal thickness is from 4 to 6 inches.
Suited to areas with hectic traffic, highway entrances…Very useful in front of schools, mall entrances, hospitals…

Now, you know everything you need about speed bumps and humps. With Sino Concept, you can find the product that will perfectly fit to your needs. We are not the ones who invented speed breakers, but our products will make your street safer. Do not wait any longer and request a quote for speed bumps and humps.