Parking corner guards 

Corner guards and wall protectors for parking lot equipment supplies

Discover our range of parking corner guards, which are standard pieces of parking lot equipment.

Designed to avoid damages when parking next to walls, our parking corner protectors are also called rubber wall protectors.

Made of heavy-duty rubber, our products combine high-quality with attractive prices. Do not wait any longer to protect your parking areas!

  • Sino Concept's rubber wall protectors are manufactured from high-quality vulcanized rubber, like all of our parking corner guards.Our parking lot equipment supplies prevent damages to both buildings and vehicles, especially in areas where space is limited. They also reduce maintenance costs and improve visibility.

  • Rubber column guards are the ideal solution to protect edges on square or sharp columns. Our rubber corner guards are made of high-quality and impact-resistant rubber. Their high-intensity reflective films increase visibility and help to prevent collisions.

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To meet every possible need, we have designed three different types of parking corner protectors:

Black rubber wall guard with yellow reflective stripes.
  • Our rubber wall protector is perfect in garages or small parking areas. Set up all around the car, the vehicle would only hit the rubber protection instead of the concrete wall.
Black and yellow rounded corner guard.
  • This parking column guard is specially designed for corner and parking columns. Its round shape will also protect pedestrians walking too close to sharp wall corners.
Black and yellow square rubber corner guard.
  • This design is a more basic parking corner guard. Made from the same material as the previous item, it will protect walls and cars with the same efficiency.


Tired of breaking and scratching your car when parking? Prevent this and equip walls with our parking lot equipment supplies:

  • Sturdiness: Manufactured from recycled material, our heavy-duty parking garage corner guards are fully resistant to extreme climate variations, water, oil or moisture.
  • Highly visible: Thanks to their yellow reflective stripes, they will increase safety in parking lots or warehouses by being highly visible even in the dark. You can find the same design with black and yellow stripes for our one-part rubber speed bumps.
  • Easy to install: Our rubber wall protectors are very simple and fast to set up and do not require heavy machinery or maintenance. Designed for a permanent or temporary use, they can be easily removed or installed somewhere else. 


  • Pricing: We manufacture our products in our own factories. We can provide our customers attractive prices while maintaining very high-quality standards. No more middleman!
  • Efficiency: Thanks to our long experience in manufacturing custom-made rubber products, our international team will follow your project from the beginning to the end.
  • High-quality: Made from vulcanized recycled rubber, we can guarantee that all our parking lot equipment supplies are ultra-resistant against weather variations, oil, and moisture.

Protect all your parking facilities with Sino Concept and request a quote for parking corner guards! To increase the safety in those areas, you may also be interested in our wheel stops and parking blocks.