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Introduction to Qingdao

qingdao china seaside Introduction to Qingdao

With its advantageous geographical location, Sino Concept has choosen Qingdao as the perfect location for the main office and urban furniture factories. Qingdao is a city in Shandong Province and is located on the north- east coast of China.

Its population in 2010 was about 8.7 million inhabitants, making it one of the 15 most populated cities of China.
Why have we chosen Qingdao as Sino Concept’s base of operations?



An advantageous geographical location

qingdao china map Introduction to Qingdao

From a regional perspective, Shandong Province is particularly specialized in the field of steel and rubber, representing our two main areas of production.

Located on the tip of Shandong with the direct access to the Yellow Sea, Qingdao also has a complete access to the world via its commercial port and international airport.Almost halfway between Beijing and Shanghai, it takes only about 1 hour to reach these two cities.



A competitive and constant developing portcontainers shipping qingdao Introduction to Qingdao

The Port of Qingdao is the 7th largest port in the world, the 1st national oil port and the 1st iron ore port in the world.

A recently established 5 year plan and investment of $4.5 billion, will see Qingdao’s port grow in the coming years to double it’s current capacity. Capacity is expected to jump to over 600 million tonnes once development has finished.The port is a major hub and operates over 90 international sea connections to 450 ports in over 130 countries.

Qingdao became one of the most important cities in China for international trade in 2009 thanks to handling nearly 10 million containers in 2009.




Qingdao: The choice of Sino Conceptmaritime transport containers Introduction to Qingdao

All these factors, combined with the fact that the city of Qingdao has been named “Future City 2011” by the French Chamber of Commerce, Qingdao is the best location for our company and our two production sites.

For more information about our company, our manufacturing facilities or the various types of services we provide, please visit our “About Us” page here.



Qingdao is famous for its beer!

Bi%C3%A8re chinoise de Qingdao Tsingtao Introduction to Qingdao

Qingdao is not only famous for steel, rubber and it’s port but also the locally brewed Tsingtao beer. Tsingtao is one of Chinese largest breweries, and among the top 10 companies in the world employing over 27,000 people.

As well as being a convenient location for manufacturing and shipping, Qingdao is also famous for it’s world renowned “Qingdao Beer”. Qingdao brewery is among the top 10 companies in China and employ more than 27,000 people.

It is thought of so well, that Qingdao beer is often offered ahead of food in many restaurants!



Choose Sino Concept!

qingdai china Introduction to Qingdao

All of the above, plus the fact Qingdao was voted “City of the Future” in 2011 by the CCIFC, make Qingdao the best choice for Sino Concept, and Sino Concept the number one manufacturing choice for you!

Sino Concept’s great location make it possible for us to manufacturer your products in the shortest possible time and at the high quaility you expect!