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August 30 2011

5 Benefits of Wood-Plastic Composite


advantages of wood plastic composite

Wood-plastic composite lumber has a some great advantages over traditional natural wood such as....


WPC’s Don’t Rot

WPC does not rot!


Unlike traditional all natural wood, WPC’s are not susceptible to rot caused by wet weather or humid conditions, thus making them easier to maintain.


No Need To Paint

WPC doesn't need painting

Wood Plastic Composite requires no painting!


As Wood-plastic composites are manufactured in a range of beautiful colours you don’t need to paint or stain them.

This makes WPC’s, easier to maintain than natural wood lumber, cheaper and more environmentally friendly! Which brings us to....


Environmentally friendly

wpc is environmentally friendly

Wood Plastic Composite is good for the environment


Paint and wood stains create waste, can give off toxic fumes and can be damaging to the environment! WPC’s don’t need them!

Whats more, WPC’s are made of recycled plastics (PVC, PS, PLA, HDPE, PP and ABS), woods and even the hulls of peanuts!

These materials would normally be thrown in a landfill creating waste and polluting the environment.


Easy to shape

easy to shape wpc

Easy to shape wood plastic composite


Wood-plastic composites have similar properties to all natural wood, meaning you can shape, drill, cut and fasten them using the same tools and techniques! But even better than that is....


Can be pre-shaped to almost any design!

wpc profiles

Wood Plastic Composite is available in a number of pre made profiles


Unlike wood, which needs to be cut and shaped (creating waste) WPC’s can be formed in to the shape you design from the start!

Large beautiful arches, strong supportive beams, decorative railings and furniture legs, it’s all possible with WPC. For more details about our WPC products visit our website, or contact us via our contact form.



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