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August 02 2012

5 Reasons Why We Don't Use Pre Hot Dipped Tubing


sino concept hot dip galvanized crowd barriers


With some high-profile events such as the London Olympics and the current Euro Cup taking place, we have had a lot of requests for pre hot dipped steel crowd safety barriers, but that's not our style and here are 5 reasons why!

We at Sino Concept understand there is a need for low-cost crowd safety barriers for large events such as sporting events, music festivals and other spectacles which involve a large number of people, however we also understand value for money and quality.


sino concept hot dip gavanized crowd barriers

All of our crowd safety and control barriers are manufactured from high quality, durable steel and feature full seam welding.

To keep our crowd barriers rust and corrosion free and capable of years of use and abuse we only hot dip galvanize our crowd barriers after manufacturer to ensure a full protective coating.

Here are 5 Reasons why we don't use Pre Hot Dipped Tubing! 


1. Corrosion

While a pre hot dipped tube direct from the factory is able to fend off rust and corrosion in its uncut form, once the steel has been bent, cut and welded there will be areas of bare steel open to the elements!

Leaving a pre hot dip galvanized crowd barrier outside for even a short time will result in premature rusting and failure.


 sino concept hot dip gavanized crowd barriers


2. Quality of Finish

Many manufactures, to try to avoid the problems with premature rusting, will spray welds and bare steel edges with a silver spray to try to hide these areas.

While this could slow the corrosion process down it usually doesn't offer enough protection for the ocean journey to the port of arrival!

Meaning those cheap barriers will already be rusting by the time you receive them!


 high quality sino concept hot dip gavanized crowd barriers


3. Strength of Welds

When welding steel or any other metal the key to a good strong weld is a clean surface free to dirt, debris or any kind of coating.

When welding pre hot dip galvanized steel tubing the coating can compromise the weld creating a weak link and possible early failure.

Hot dip galvanizing after manufacture allows us to ensure strong welds which we know will last for a long time.


 sino concept don't use pre hot dip galvanized tubing


4. Peace of mind

As we manufacture our products totally in-house, including the hot dip galvanizing process means that we can guarantee the best possible quality products as we can monitor all process from start to finish.

If you bought and used pre hot dip tubing we cannot be so sure that the hot dip coating is to our high quality standards.


 bespoke products sino concept


5. Flexibility.

As we hot dip galvanize in-house, we are able to be more flexible and can, to a certain extent, hot dip galvanize any steel product regardless of size.

Plus we can work to our time frame and now when products will be ready for shipping.

Companies who rely on purchasing pre hot dip tubing can suffer from delays and aren't nearly as willing to be flexible.


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Sino Concept Your French Manufacture in China

Sino Concept are your French manufacturing partner based in China.

Regardless of the product you require, one of our design or a custom-made product based on your drawings, we are the number one choice.

Not only do we offer full in-house manufacture, low-cost and hight quality, but we also offer our customers our experience, knowledge and skill which has made us the top choice for street furniture leaders in France and the UK.

For more information about our products and services please feel free to contact us now via our contact form here.



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