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August 28 2012

5 cheap and easy ways to keep your local roads safe for your children

by Sino Concept


 Traffic calming scare crow for children safety


The news seems to be full of more and more accidents involving speeding drivers injuring pedestrians. Have you ever wondered what you can do to keep the roads in your neighbourhood safe from this problem? Read on to find 5 cheap and easy solutions that you can implement today...

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1. build a fake speed camera

Follow the example of Tony Allen from the UK, who built his own Gatso-style speed camera.


Fake speed cameras to slow down speed drivers in your neighborhood


Tony's camera is constructed from a wooden box painted yellow and fitted with a flash light and mirror to fool drivers. However you could create a much simpler version that is just as effective.


2. make Traffic Calming Scare-car scarecrows

Sick of drivers ignoring the speed limit and using their village as a short cut, the residents of Lockeridge, UK started a competition to build the most effective speed reducing scarecrows.


Life size scarecrows representing children near roads


Using old clothes and straw, children from the local school created models that looked like children or elderly people about to cross the road. Some even made fake policemen.


3. PAINT your own speed limit signs on your property

Eliminate the excuse that drivers haven't noticed the change in speed limit as they enter your neighbourhood.


Speed limit sign painted on house with correct speed limits


This is exactly what Tim Backhouse of Devon in the UK did. Sick of speeding cars and lorries making it dangerous to cross the road and get to his local shop, he supplemented the council's speed signs with a highly visible one of his own!


4. set up your own speed limit

The residents of Conwy, North Wales, have become so frustrated with people speeding along their narrow streets that that have grouped together to create their own twenty mile per hour speed limit.


Residents use bins to help slow traffic on their street


They have printed signs in the style of the official council signs and stuck them to their bins along the main road. These signs have had limited success, though, as drivers ignore these signs too.


5. Put Up some Cardboard cutout police officers

If you don't have time to make your own cameras or scarecrows you could always buy a cardboard police officer and set it up in your front garden.


Cardboard cut out policewoman to help in slowing down traffic


However, be careful not to make the same mistake as these officials in Prague. They found that their short-skirted police woman distracted passing motorists too much and doubled the accident rate on their roads! 


Permanent traffic calming solutions

People that have resorted to DIY traffic calming measures often report that whilst they were effective to begin with, local drivers quickly realised that these measures were fake and began ignoring them quite quickly.

Whilst we commend the intentions of these traffic vigilantes, we suggest a more permanent solution to combating speeding drivers.


UK standard rubber speed breaker manufacturer details


The newest addition to our range also happens to be the most versatile and cost effective. For more information please visit our speed cushions page.

Rubber speed cushions don't rely on tricking drivers into braking but pose a physical obstacle that drivers must tackle slowly if they want to avoid damaging their vehicle.

Also, it doesn't matter how many time a driver comes across the same speed cushion, they have to slow down every time!

Rubber speed cushions offer further advantages which make them one of the most versatile traffic calming measures available:


Speed Cushion manufacturers

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We manufacturer all of our products in our own factories so that we can ensure the best possible quality at the best possible prices. 

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