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Jun 29 2012

5 Things You Should Know About Sino Concept


 5 things you should know about sino concept

As we are sure you are all very well aware, Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacture of steel street furniture based in China, but here are 5 things you may not know about us but should!


1. Sino Concept Owns and Operates 3 Factories.

Unlike other companies who claim to manufacture products in China only to then out source your product to an unnamed manufacturer, Sino Concept actually owns and operates 3 factories here in China.


sino concept owns and operates 2 factories in China


Using our own factories ensures we are able to keep track of your order each step of the way.

From the ordering and receiving of raw materials, through the welding and machining to the finishing, everything is performed in house.

Not only does this ensure we manufacture your products to the highest possible standards, but is also means you get to cut out the middle man and will benefit from huge savings!  


2. Our Office is International

The language barrier can often be a large concern when working with a company based in China, however this is not the case with Sino Concept!


sino concep CEO Felix BIZOUARD


Our office staff is made up of a culturally rich and diverse office from all over the world! Staff members from France, the UK, Germany, Quebec and China are all on hand and waiting to hear from you now!  


3. We specialize in custom products

bespoke steel barriers


Although our comprehensive website and free to download PDF’s feature an impressive number of our products, not everything we manufacture is listed and we actually manufacture a lot more!


bespoke ornamental barriers sino concept

Sino Concept specializes in manufacturing products based on our customers designs and specifications.


bespoke products sino concept


If you have a design of are looking for a product which isn’t listed on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact use with your needs!  


4. We offer a range of finishing options

When it is technically possible we are able to offer hot dip galvanizing, powder coating, e-coating and zinc plating on many of our products.


powder coating manufacturer,power coating,powder coating china,street bollards


In face Sino Concept is one of the only street furniture manufacturers in the world which utilizes the E-coated process to protect steel from corrosion! E-coating is the same process used by car manufacturers to apply the rust resistant coating to car parts and bodies before being painted.


we check our prodcuts very carefully to ensure quality


If E-coating can keep a car from rusting think of how well it can protect your street furniture!

For more information about our treatments visit our treatments pages here


5. We are only a phone call or email away!

Despite being across the world in China, we are still only a quick phone call or email away.

contact us now


If you would like more information about our products or services you can contact us now and receive a reply in a very short time! Contact us via our contact form, email, phone or FAX!



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