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November 01 2011

Bollards Keep Up To Date With Today's Design Trends

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As fashions and trends come and go there are always certain items are constantly popular. In clothing these items are denim jeans or a black dress, but for the street furniture industry we have the bollard.

Bollards are simple structures which have changed very little in the hundreds of years they have been in use, yet they remain as popular and great looking today as they always have.

Although styles have stayed similar, advances in technology have managed to creep in to bollard manufacture to improve their usefulness and add additional function.

Rising bollards enable public transport and emergency services to access inner city areas, while keep the roads clear from congestion and traffic jams.


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Removable bollards allow for easy access to private areas such as driveways, parking spaces and private roads, and can also be used in a similar way to rising bollards.

Even with these added functions and movability the bollards prime duty is to provide safety and protection to pedestrians, property and buildings.

Over the past few years bollard use around buildings, to add protection, has increased considerably.

While other measures such as walls, or concrete barriers could provide the same level of protection, bollards are often used thanks to their timeless style and design.

What’s more, bollards can be fitted in a relatively short time with much less construction than it’s concrete counterpart.

Bollards can be made of a specific height, diameter and even with a range of different head or top designs add additional style, or to help match the current design of the furniture in place.


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Some bollards have even been designed to act as bicycle racks or, in some cases, even pieces of public street art!


Sino Concept manufactures bollards!

Sino Concept manufactures bollard, pedestrian railings, safety barriers, bicycle racks and many other pieces of street furniture.

Our factories in China are staffed with expert craftsmen and engineers, who are experienced and capable of producing distinctive, unique and durable steel street furniture, which perfectly suits than atmosphere and landscape they are designed for.

Our bollards are also finished in some of the hardest wearing, durable and attractive finishing treatments available on the market today. Take a look at our finishing processes here.

If you need bollards or street furniture which looks good, lasts, and is made to your specifications, please feel free to use the contact form to contact us and we will get in touch with as quickly as we can.



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