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March 30 2012

Cigarette Receptacles


wall mounted cigarette receptacle manufacturer chinaThrowing old cigarette butts in a regular rubbish receptacle can be extremely dangerous and may even lead to fires! To keep pedestrians and property safe cigarette receptacles should be used.

Cigarette receptacles should be placed in convenient, easy to see locations, so as to be easily at hand when people need them.

Common places we are likely to find cigarette receptacles, also known as cigarette bins or ashtrays, are at the entrances to buildings, close to places which restrict smoking and also at the entrance to lifts.  


Cigarette Bin Materials

Cigarette receptacles should be manufactured from heat and fire resistant materials, or should offer users are place for cigarettes to be stubbed out before throwing away.


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Steel and stainless steel are the most desirable materials for manufacturing cigarette receptacles from, however more companies are now offering fire retardant plastic models also.


Cigarette Receptacle Design

Cigarette bin design varies widely from rubbish receptacles with built in stub plates, to dedicated free standing or wall mounted designs.

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Wall mounted cigarette receptacles can also be easily modified to attach to bollards, guardrails or other existing street furniture.

Another aspect which should be considered when designing a cigarette bin is ease of cleaning and emptying.

Some designs can be opened from the bottom and cleaned while other designs can be emptied by simply turning upside down.


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Sino Concept Cigarette Receptacle Manufacturer

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated street furniture manufacturing specialist based in China.


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Our factories specialize in the manufacture of all forms of steel outdoor equipment and furniture.

For more information about our products, please take a look at our street furniture catalogue.



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