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January 03 2013

What is a crowd safety barrier?


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In high-traffic areas and on busy streets, local governments and private companies often look for ways to keep pedestrians safe from oncoming cars.

One of the most effective means is the use of crowd safety barriers.

When major events like parades, concerts, or sporting events draw crowds, there is also often a need for designated pedestrian areas as a means of crowd control.

Crowd safety barriers, be they permanent or temporary, are a popular solution for these and other pedestrian control scenarios.

A crowd safety barrier is any device that aims to keep people in a certain designated area, and may take the form of a sidewalk, a viewing platform, an organized line, or any device that aims to control the number of people in any one place.

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Temporary crowd safety barriers are usually the most popular, and the most widely recognized barrier.

A temporary crowd safety barrier is often no more than a low fence made up of joined sections.

The fencing is designed to mark approved safe areas, and to designate the boundary between onlookers and other activities.

Police barricade


This sort of pedestrian barrier is commonly erected along public streets for parades and processions as a crowd barrier, to designate a construction zone where pedestrians are temporarily prohibited, or outside of popular venues and events as a way to create an organized queue.

Temporary fence barriers can also be used to close streets off for various events.


Sino Concept crowd safety barriers

Sino Concept manufacture hot-dip galvanized crowd safety barriers at our factories in China.

Our safety barriers are proven to be cost-effective, long-lasting and have been used for the past 2 years during the Tour de France cycling event!

While we have our own range of crowd safety barriers, we also specialize in manufacturing custom-made models, and can manufacture any crowd barrier you may require based on your designs, needs and specifications.

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