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Jun 11 2012

Crowd Control Barricades Protect Supporters at the Euro Cup


The Eurocup mascots waving to the crowds


The Euro Cup is currently in full swing with the next round bringing France head to head with England.

This is sure to be an exciting game, but with all the excitement how will officials guarantee crowd safety?

From school soccer games to international competitions like the current Euro Cup, crowd safety is a familiar and important theme.

However, keeping tens of thousands of excited, cheering spectators safe is no easy task!  

If you are organizing an event and you need to control and protect your guests, take a look at our Crowd Control Barricade product page.


Crowd Safety at the Euro Cup

Football supporters at the Euro cup


Crowd safety at such a large event takes a lot of careful planning. The only way to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the games safely is to employ a mix of education, supervision and physical safety measures.

  1. Education: football fans occasionally get carried away with the excitement of it all. Signs, public announcements and even TV campaigns are used to remind them how to behave properly.
  2. Supervision: this can consist of CCTV or video cameras at the games watching for problem areas, or even having police officers and security at hand during the game.
  3. Physical safety: This is where the crowd control barricades come in! Barricades just like ours are used to encourage fans to queue correctly and to keep them away from restricted areas.


Where else are crowd control barriers used?

These measures don't only apply to football matches. Anywhere that significant numbers of people gather, organisers must consider crowd control measures.

Crowds gathering to greet the Queen of England wait behind crowd control barricades

Our barricades have been used all over the world at:

... anywhere that there are excited crowds.


Sino Concept Crowd Safety Barriers

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer of hot dip galvanized crowd control barricades, based in China.


galvanized steel crowd control barricades stacked in our factory ready for delivery


For more details, please visit our Crowd Control Barricade pages.



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