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Jun 28 2012

5 Questions for the man who found $13,000 in a trash can

powder coated litter bin suppliersOne of the big news articles currently trending over at Yahoo is the story of an ex-military man who found $13,000 in a trashcan and gave it back! We’ll we have a few questions about that and not the ones you would expect!

While it is a little worrying that news of someone being honest and returning money that doesn’t belong to him makes headline news (it definitely wouldn’t had he been caught keeping it) we aren’t going to ask the time old question: What would you do if you found $13,000 on a bin?

Now, as a litter bin manufacturer,  we have much more important and pressing questions about this sensational story!


1. What did the bin look like?

plastic outdoor rubbish bin uk


In the whole article and even in the featured video about this story is there any mention of what the trash can, or rubbish bin looked like.


50 liter outdoor ribbed steel waste/garbage bin with security lock.


Sure it might not be very relevant to most readers but as we are a French owned manufacturer of steel street furniture, we kind of care!


r2 d2 design rubbish bin


So what was the bin like? It a large plastic trash can, typical steel trash receptacle, one of those clear anti terrorist bins, or a classy looking ‘tulip’ top design like our very own rubbish bins?  


2. What was the bin made of?

gold litter bin


From the story we know that the person who found the paper bag containing almost $13,000 was an ex-military man so we assume he is made of “the right stuff”, but what was the litter bin made of?


Flared top outdoor trash receptacle of ribbed or slatted steel for garbage disposal.


Did the trash can feature a fully welded steel design with a corrosion resistant hot dip galvanized coating? Was it manufactured from sheet steel with a bright powder coated finish? Was it an environmentally friendly WPC litter bin?


3. How secure was the bin?

Leaving a paper bag on top of a bin isn’t something we would recommend to anyone but our richest of friends, however leaving it in a bin might be a different matter!


money in trash can


Most trash cans and litter bins found in streets, towns, parks and outside convenience stores boast a lockable door or a steel inner which needs the use of a special key to remove.


triangle key for trash can


Take our steel park bin with tulip top as an example.


Slatted metal outdoor trash receptacle/bin bolts to the ground.


We have designed this bin to be both convenient to use and secure thanks to a built in locking mechanism which prevents the inner galvanized bin to be removed!  


4. What colour was the bin?

What colour was this litter bin? Was it such a bright and attractive colour to make it easy to see so people convenietialy deposit their trash.

Is this the reason why this particular bin briefly became one of the richest pieces of street furniture in the U.S?


bright powder coated rubbish bins


More importantly than that, was the colour applied as a powder coat with anti-UV protection to protect against fading?


ral pantone powder coat for steel street furniture


As you can probably guess Sino Concept’s bins (and other steel street furniture) can be powder coated in your RAL or PANTONE colour choice.  


5. How cost effective was this trashcan?

No matter how you read the article it is simple to see that this trashcan almost cost some poor individual $13,000!

Luckily it didn’t, but just how much did this trash can located outside the convenience store cost? and how much does it continue to cost due to yearly repairs and maintenance?

powder coating factory in ChinaSino Concept’s litter bins and trash cans are manufactured to the highest possible standards from high quality steel and feature corrosion resistant powder coated finishing.

All of this attention to details adds up to one very long lasting and durable steel trash receptacle!  



Oh and did we mention that we are based in China and that we manufacture all of our steel street furniture at our own factories?

Because this allows Sino Concept to produce high quality steel products at extremely low, and competitive prices!


Sino Concept Rubbish Bins and Trash Cans.

Sino Concept designs, develops and manufactures steel street furniture products for internationally renowned street furniture companies from all of the world.

With our technical know how and years of experience we can manufacture the product you imagine to the quality you deserve at unbeatable prices.

For more information about our trash cans, please visit our litter bins webpages.



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