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December 03 2012

How to join steel? Discover methods of joining steel and when we use them.


Sino concept welding 1

Just as there are many types of steels, there are various ways to permanently join them together. Here are a few ways which we use to join steel and also examples of where we use them.

Sino Concept owns and operates 2 factories here in China. We manufacture products of our own designs and also manufacture products for customers. As you would expect, different products, with different uses require specific manufacturing processes.  



Welding steel is one of the most commonly used, and strongest ways to join steel. There isn't just one method of welding though, and different types of steel require may either MIG, MAG, ARC or TIG welding.

sino concept welding

We use welding on almost all of our steel products including our steel street furniture products (bollards, guardrails and bins) which ensures an extremely strong and permanent join.

Although welding can be used to join most steels, (high tensile steel, stainless steel etc) we don't recommend welding to be used in certain manufacturing process (see folding and stretching below).  



Sino Concept generally only use riveting on products which are needed to move or fold. For example, we rivet the steel slats of our expanding barriers with high quality zinc rivets. These joins are very strong, durable and weather resistant, but allow the barriers to fold easily when setting up or packing away.

sino concept rivets

Rivets can also be used to attach name plates to products. Although rivets can offer a strong and durable join, we do not recommend using them for structural joints, and instead suggest the steel to be joined by welding.


Folding and stretching

Folding and stretching steel to make a joint is one of the oldest ways to join steel and can be often found on hand-made steel products such as body panels for specialist cars.

welding and folding

Folding and stretching is generally only used on sheet steel. Sino Concept use this method of joining steel on our hot dip galvanised inner bins for our trash can range. We opt for this method over welding as welding would create an untreated area which could corrode quickly, folding does not.


Sino Concept, your China based manufacturing partner

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturing specialist based in China. We manufacture steel products based on our customers designs and specifications and offer a range of highly durable corrosion resistant finishes.

sino concept hot dip galvanizing

For more information about our range of services or to request a quotation to have your products manufactured in China at our factories contact us now.

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