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October 16 2012

Salt spreaders Vs. Seed Spreaders


steel salt spreaders manufacturer in china

Salt spreaders are not all the same, and they certainly aren’t the same as seed spreaders! Keep reading to learn the differences!

Just because one tool can do a similar job to another doesn’t mean it can take place of a dedicated, specially designed tool. You wouldn’t take a knife to a gunfight would you?, or use a bicycle to haul a truck? How about using a razor to chop down a tree?  

using the wrong tool for the job

Although the principal between salt spreaders and seed spreaders is similar, nature of the work, coupled with the conditions each of the tools is designed to withstand means they are different enough for a seed spreader not to be able to do the job of a salt spreader.

Don't be stuck out in the cold this winter with the wrong tools use Sino Concept's professional salt spreaders:

 salt spreaders are not the same as seed spreaders

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between salt spreaders and seed spreaders.  

A plastic and steel seed spreader supplier

Your average seed spreader is usually made from extremely lightweight plastic, which also happens to be very cheap. Also the wheels are usually plastic with either a tread molded in to them, or a rubber grip sleeve (if you are lucky) acting as a ‘tire’.

Sino Concept's salt spreaders are designed to be used in the most harsh of winter conditions. Get full details and specifications for our salt spreaders here:

The axel holding the wheels to the frame will be quite a thin, light-weight item, as will the rather insignificant steel frames which you will hold on to to pilot around.

The gears, and other mechanical parts of seed spreaders are also of inferior quality (when compared to a salt spreader) with some of the control being activated via simple ropes or cords!  

seed spreaders are designed for use of smooth gardens

Now, before I continue I want to make it clear that I am not bashing seed spreaders, seed spreaders are fine for there intended purpose, spreading seed.

The thin lightweight plastic can be thin and cheaply made as it is only meant to carry a light load of seed, the same goes for the axle, frame and plastic wheels.  

a low traction wheel of a seed spreader manufacturer in China

The wheels are simple plastic units because they are only intended to be used in spring and summer months, where the terrain is a lot more forgiving, than in icy, snowy winter months.

The frame can be me made of thin steel with poor corrosion resistance as a seed spreader is designed for fair weather use and again a light weight payload.

seed spreaders are not as suitable for use as salt spreaders

Those controls are cord and rope controlled again due to the climate in which they are designed to be used.

Seed spreaders do a fine job of spreading seeds in warmer, pleasant climates, but load a seed spreader with 50 liters of salt in the middle of winter on a icy, snowy street or uneven path, however......  

broken parts of a seed spreader when used as a salt spreader

Sino Concept Salt Spreaders

Salt spreaders, such as Sino Concept’s professional grade models, are designed specifically to be used in harsh winter conditions, over rough icy terrain, while easily carrying a 25 liter load of salt (50 liters on larger models) without cause for concern.  

A stainless steel walk behind salt spreading equipment

The large polypropylene plastic hoppers on our salt spreaders are designed to with-stand knocks and scrapes, while hefting around substantial quantities of salt and sand.

Different walk behind salters manufactured by our Chinese companyWhats more, as we know that salt spreaders are designed to be used in unfavorable conditions, we supply each salt spreader with a rain/snow cover for the hopper to keep the contents dry.

Professional salt spreader with handlebar mounted, easy to use, salt flow controls.

Holding the large hopper safe and secure is a heavy duty steel frame. Not only is this frame up to the job of lifting a salt laden hopper, but it is also robust and sturdy enough to heft that weight around while navigating a bumpy, uneven frozen landscape.

100 lb professional steel walk-behind salt spreader with plastic hopper.

Speaking of bumpy, frozen pathways and parking lots, our salt spreaders feature large pneumatic tires, providing much needed shock absorbing qualities while also providing enough grip for the iciest of conditions. A thick steel axle holds the wheels on to the rugged frame while also supporting the weight of the hopper and it’s cargo.

100 lb professional steel walk-behind salt spreader with plastic hopper.

As our salt spreaders will be used in the roughest, coldest and most extreme temperatures, low quality controls and gearing won’t cut it. All of our salt spreaders come with linkage actuated spread/flow controls and with either tough engineering grade plastic gears, or top of the line stainless steel gears.

100 lb professional steel walk-behind salt spreading device with plastic hopper.

Combine the above professional specification and details to the fact that our salt spreaders come fully pre-assembled and tested in customizable card-board cartons, then it is easy to see that salt spreaders are an all together different, more durable and highly engineered beast, when compared to a seed spreader! For more information about our salt spreaders head over to our salt spreader pages:




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