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August 01 2012

Sino Concept Custom-made Products: More Than Just Street Furniture


powder coat for weather resistant street furniture

Sino Concept are specialists in manufacturing steel products not only street furniture. If you have a steel product you are planning to outsource to China then look no further than Sino Concept!

Sino Concept are a French owned and operated manufacturer of steel products based in China, although we list only steel street furniture products, traffic calming products and safety barriers on our website, we also specialise in manufacturing custom-made products based on our customers design specifications and drawings.


steel litter bins and trash cans being powder coated for extra resistance

And it's not only steel street furniture products we make either, as the photos here show, we can make any steel product large or small to meet your requirements.  


We specialise in bespoke products

bespoke steel product manufacturer china


Our two factories here in China are equipped with the latest machines and tools to ensure that no job is to big or to small! Some of our specialties include:

 steel street furniture being manufactured in China

With our extensive skill set and professional engineers we are able to manufacture any steel product from small simple products to large, complicated and heavy-duty products totally in-house.  


'In-house' means guaranteed quality

custom made steel bollards and pedestrian guardrails manufacturer china


Making everything 'in-house' at our own factories means we are able to guarantee the best possible quality from excellent quality materials to strong, smooth welds, all the way to the quality of the finish and even how the product is packed, we do everything for you at our factories so you don't need to worry.  


Guaranteed best prices.

Another benefit of manufacturing with us is that you get to cut out the middle man and make savings! Savings which you can pass on to the customer and become more competitive.

Sino Concept's aim is to help your company grow and expand in these increasingly difficult financial times!

We don't aim to take over your business we aim to help you be more competitive and to help your company continue to be healthy!  


Sino Concept French Factory in China

For more information and details about our steel products, feel free to visit our street furniture webpage.

Also feel free to contact us with your designs and drawings and request a quotation.



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