Rubber column guards are the ideal solution to protect edges on square or sharp columns. Our rubber corner guards are made from high-quality and impact-resistant rubber. Their high-intensity reflective films increase visibility and help to prevent collisions.

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ProductSquare corner protector / Round corner protector
Length790 mm or 1000 mm or 1210 mm
  • Rubber is the perfect material for wall and vehicle protection because of its sturdiness. 
  • Our products are resistant for indoor and outdoor use.
  • They are also quick and convenient to install.

More than our parking corner guards with a round or square shape, you could also be interested in our rubber wall protectors.

If you are looking for customized rubber column guards or different sizes, feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready to answer your questions!

Rubber column guards round and square shapes as parking lot protectors Parking corner guard round shape with yellow reflective tapes Parking corner guard made from vulcanized rubber with high-intensity reflective films Parking column guard made from vulcanized rubber in black and yellow coloration Parking corner protector square shape with yellow stripes for parking lot equipment Parking corner protector square shape with yellow stripes for parking lot equipment  Rubber column guard set up on a parking wall for safety equipment

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